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  1. http://blogs.nvidia....coming-to-java/ Might there be a possible speed for RuneScape(Client-side etc etc)?
  2. Civil

    99 WC

    Well did willows from 87-93(cant rmb before 87, it was long ago), did yews from 94-98 and did willows for the last 3k exp till 99 for the lulz
  3. Civil

    99 WC

    Well after weeks of 'hard work'...finally How I felt:
  4. Civil

    Social Studies UN

    Yep i knew about the veto part but I was wondering are there any other differences between those two groups
  5. Civil

    Social Studies UN

    hi so I have this project that is have to do with UN and I am stuck with one part. The question is " How are the roles of the UN security council permanent members different than the non-permanent members?" thanks in advanced
  6. Civil

    Cyanogenmod 7.1

    Could it be a corrupted Google Apps file? It is strange that it erased your SIM, shouldn't be. For my case I loading the import SIM contacts several times before I can add back my contacts. get recent one from here : http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Latest_Version/Google_Apps
  7. Civil


    i want to root ny phone to remove stock apps but not for flashing roms. will my phone get bricked? or void my warranty. i am using LG optimus one. Thanks in advanced
  8. Civil

    Geography Project

    Thanks, I've done the project.
  9. Civil

    Geography Project

    Hi : :D I have this geography project on land constraint and i was assigned to be a "city engineer". My task is to find suitable transportation systems that uses land efficiently and fits into Tokyo. I need just need an example of 2 land saving transportation system. I need to hand in by on 4th of march. thanks in advance :(
  10. Civil


    Ok, the new update did not solve anything, and on my computer i have windows vista and windows 7, both cant run Runescape either.
  11. Civil


    Did you try this in IE/FF? yes.
  12. Civil


    Yes. i tried it but still the same problem.
  13. Civil


    Not possible as i install Windows 7 after the lastest update, so i can't roll it back.

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