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  1. Maroon Floyd

    Monster Database

    i agree with the idea of a monster database. runehq has one and it shows the xp they give what they drop where theyre found and more. i think this is a great topic!!!! ^_^
  2. Maroon Floyd

    I Cant Find The Guide For Zanaris

    oh. im such a dumb... well... never mind. oh well. thank you for helping
  3. why isnt there a city guide for zanaris? i would realy like one to be added to this site because believe it or not, i got lost the first time i went to zanaris.
  4. remember that OMG im so mad i got hacked or wat ever it is? i put an idea in there. lets hav recovery questions for our sals realm accounts!!!! its perfect! hacking happens so much these days and my sals realm account was finaly a victim of it (but i changed the password lol). if u agree with me on this reply reply reply!!!! we need recovery questions!!!! sal! we need ur reply too!!

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