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  1. Jon

    I Can Now Kill Everything!

    Lol i realized that right after i picked it up got 4 full helms that trip
  2. Hopefully my luck changes with icys and ends my non notable drop dryness Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. this should push me to finally get 93 slayer ( 400k off atm)
  4. Jon

    Chris' Log

    Are you doing dragonhide? Cause your tearing through levels. Good luck!
  5. Jon

    85 Farming And 2000 Total!

    Not really. I wanna do some agility and stuff first.
  6. All farm exp is from lamps, quests, penguins, herb runs, or money made from kindom management! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Jon

    Mining, Cape No18

    Nice! How far from 99 smithing ( cant see in pic )?
  8. Jon

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    Notice how i called that drop! Easy 2mil for 4 hour mass. Good fun!
  9. Jon

    88 Summoning And 130 Combat!

    Yeah so i will try out some TDS but unfortunately its time to put combat aside and skill
  10. Lot of charms and 20mil later. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. Jon

    Second 99

    Was going to have all friends who were online come, but none were on.
  12. Jon

    Second 99

    Yeah but i did it over a span of many many months so it wasn't boring.
  13. Jon

    Second 99

    60-90 Yews 90-95 Teaks ( Tai Bwo Wannai + Parcel ) 95-97 Eucalyptus 97-99 Choking Ivy Glad to be done with this because i have a lot of other goals I can work on now. Not sure what to do with the seeds from nests/kingdom ( currently 86 banked)
  14. Jon

    Goodies Before Goodies

    Nice amount of astrals 0.0 Good luck making money with double nats although your set for a bit.
  15. Jon

    90 Farming :d

    Grats i have 85+ farming currently banked but its in the form of about 50 calquat trees Good luck with 99 I prefer to farm herbs between slayer tasks and using my kingdom for free seeds ^_^

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