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  1. Owls shade

    63-70 Fishing

    do lobs cuz monks are good after lvl 70
  2. Owls shade

    Multiple Offers

    you have my support with this idea
  3. Owls shade

    Simple Fishing Suggestion

    i support you!
  4. Owls shade

    What Clothing Is This?

    the top is a village top(or something like that) it is bought on karamja with trading sticks in the village where u start Jungle Potion quest and the boots...i think those are boots of lightness(idk the correct names in both cases)
  5. Owls shade

    Crafting Question!

    if u have done Shillo Village quest...u can mine the gem rocks from there.....u can chose betwen: 1)save all cuts for :semi-precious gems(opal/jade/red topaz for cash from GE or shops) and precious saphire-diamond(srry for spelling) for more craft xp as rings/ammys/necks/bracelets or for bolt tips( thiose can be made from all gems precious and semi) 2)sell the gems for lower price ,but faster xp cuz there is a shop just over the bridge
  6. Owls shade


    this is a slow method, but sometimes(maybe all time) is good for xp and cash: kingdom management....if u put atleast 750k, have aproval rating 100% (if u check daily and refill till is back to 750-1350k),10 workers at herbs u get 60 from tarromin to dwarf weed or something like that....u get a fair number of ranarrs ea time, atleast 3-5 per day
  7. Owls shade


    what is the best idea between: 74-90 monks and 90-99 rocktails or 74-85 monks 85-90 cavefishs and 90-99 rocktails?
  8. Owls shade

    Pking Acc Types

    last time when i asked about my main...i found that it's too balanced...now i'm asking about other accs types: 1st(my main): 80 att 81 str 76 def 80 hp(near 81) 75 range 77 magic 65 prayer( i have bones for 70) 65 summ 107 cb......the 1st idea about this acc was for quests....(atm 4 more quests and i can wear again the cape) 2nd: 75 att 75 str 65-75 def ? hp 75 magic 75 range 70 prayer 52+ summ........this acc is for quests(maybe if it's possible to get quest cape) other ideas i don't have.......i wanna to try pking for cash cuz:i have a friend that e won from pking around 180 mills and spend them for 99 prayer(idk his strategy and he is now around 136)
  9. Owls shade

    What Is The Best Way To Raise Smith Lvl From 60 To 70

    he wanted ideas for f2p not p2p(like goldsmith gauntlets)...a mine for f2p that it isn't used all day it's the one near the hill giants(u need brass key to get there faster)...there are all ores for f2p ...there is a good place for superheating(idk the right spelling) and then smith the bars on the anvils in varrock
  10. Owls shade

    What Is The Best Way To Raise Smith Lvl From 60 To 70

    you can make steel bar and make profit even you buy all the ores
  11. Owls shade

    What Should I Do?

    if have done atleast "throne of miscellania", u can put aprox. 750k and check every day and fill back to atleast 750k and put all your workers(max 10) to collecting herbs ...many are trarromins/harran...and the lowest herb is tarromin("the good" part) i forgot to say that u can spend the rest of the money on secondaries....with some pots u can make in this way some profit...like prayer, normal/super str and super att or super anti-poison....
  12. Owls shade

    So, F2p Melee Training On Moss Giants.

    an idea is this:go at black knight's fortress with 10-15 lobs(at the beggining)/full prayer and fight the outside knights untill u have 20hp and run to the monks to heal you and recharge prayer at the altar upstairs in the monastary....this is good for 43+ prayer cuz the idea is to use protect from melee to save food
  13. Owls shade

    My Barrows Setup

    u should try to get :1) 50 magic 55 slayer for slayer darts and 60 to kill the magic brother or 2)70 att range magic for black salamanders....
  14. Owls shade

    To 90 Range!

    u r wrong with something....1)if u don't wanna to complete the quest , u need to do it until the part with "1st trip to ape toll" or to get a talisman 1st 2)u can complete the quest without gaining att/str/def/hp xp at all(if i'm correct....i saw somewhere that u can choose to spend now or later the xp from daero)
  15. Owls shade


    both series of quests are good for slayer cuz they open new slayer monsters like mutated bloodvelds, skeletal/zombie hands all after the last quest from myreque...suqash from Lunar Diplomacy

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