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  1. TGOR

    Fort Rapids Weekend

    Twice. Came pretty close to a threesome, and even came close to just getting laid a third time. Instead of being vienerschnitzle-blocked by gay friend, should have had him join in to make the threesome into a foursome. ....but threesomes already can get awkward, foursomes would just end up splitting you guys into gay couples instead of a bisexual pile.
  2. TGOR

    Fort Rapids Weekend

    Ah... well at least you got laid.
  3. TGOR

    Fort Rapids, OH

    Wasn't just for partying. ITG Nationals man. That you weren't going to participate in. I dunno, I'd rather play than just be stuck watching... oh and "partying."
  4. TGOR

    Fort Rapids, OH

    Driving to Ohio just for partying? Whatever floats your boat I guess.
  5. TGOR


    Sounds good, just take it slow if she hasn't even had her first kiss yet.
  6. TGOR

    Fitness Goals

    Spread your meals out. After eating a decent sized meal (not enough to make you FULL but enough to make you satiated for a bit), focus on not eating until 2 hours later minimum. Sweets are OKAY as long as you keep it small (I find the 2 hour rule helps it not hurt as much). Don't eat just before sleeping, it's said you should wait at least 2 hours before sleeping after bed... (but I think 30 minutes is okay enough too so you can get digested). Try to drink juice or have some fruit at least once a day to start (but suggested serving sizes would be better), AND include green vegetables whenever you can. (I find Brocollii and string beans great! I saute them when they get too bland) Wheat over white bread. Include protein related foods on days you really work yourself. I managed to get a toned chest by just doing wii fit for at LEAST 30 minutes a day (yoga one day, strength exercises the next, and repeat pattern. Lazy days I just stuck to yoga or vigorous ITG). I managed to do 100 v-sit ups once, surprising the shizzle out of myself... and then I got lazy and am now skinny-fat. :P
  7. Or you could text me or Ty. :P Though I'd be a pain to hang with right now; no car and lots of puppy duty.
  8. TGOR

    Botting Accusations

    Are you bannaned from the game? BTW you suck and are pathetic for cheating in an online game, where people are already pathetic. But I still love ya! :D
  9. TGOR

    That Was Perfect

    Hahahaha. Often made that joke with my family too. Sadly, the set ups were not as perfect.
  10. TGOR

    My Range Of Emotions Lately.

    Ugh, dropping those future-bombs on a 15 year old is really asking for trouble. Commenters above are right; you telling her this when she has so much going on is NOT going to help. Women dwell on things, and teenagers tend to freak out about the little things. Combine this together for a REALLY bad event waiting to happen. It;s one thing if she brings it up, but really... just not a good thing to throw on her plate. You are just starting college so you might not be COMPLETELY there yet, but College is a bit of a changing point for a lot of people. With it coming up on here in a few years, she may want to have more freedom and all. I'm not saying this to be mean but out of concern, I think you are setting yourself up to fall. Hard. EDIT: Just saw lilshu's post and um... wow. Pretty accurate telling (though I disagree to some of the extents). That advice is something you should take (and I know you in real life!)
  11. TGOR

    Almost Got Hit Head On

    Been there, done that around metro park. fudgeing idiot driver.s
  12. TGOR

    Pokemon Creepypasta

    Not bad, though my interest was lessened when the writer said Red was making him play/do things. That to the end was lame. B-
  13. TGOR

    Real Life Updates.

    Wrong. If Fang still does downloading as I noticed about a year ago, MSE is not enough. Not to mention Microsoft is easy to work around.
  14. TGOR

    Real Life Updates.

    MSE doesn't do enough alone, just fyi. I have that and eset nod, along with running malware bytes once a month (don't need to pay for it just to do that). No solutions to your boredom, however. I'd invite you over but the excitement here has had us all rather exhausted and bleh. If you have the time monday, we can quarternight if you are up to it.

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