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    Yummkhahkk!ks. God of Corn!

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    A desert canyon.
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    Halo, Runescape, Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Billy Talent, My Chemical Romance, Ipod, Guitar, MCR, The Beatles, Any music except for rap and reggae and country and HIM. AND Hannah Montana and System of a down, but I suppose Mallcore really isn't a genre.

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    I Don't Play
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    ZOMG 122314
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    1337 UBER PWNAGE. h4xxor.
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  1. Stratocaster

    Defendars Of Jutsice

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...p;#entry1864122 ITZ AWESUM
  2. Stratocaster

    God Is A Myth

    liek ttly d00d
  3. Lethal the amazing fanboy and his sidekick scotsfan! Together they shall fight teh forzes of ebil, leik HDDVD, PS3 H83RZ, AND PH201!!! YEY :P :) :P :) :glasses: :glasses:
  4. Stratocaster


    If SSBB gets delayed any more, I'm going to pull a R. Budd Dwyer.
  5. Stratocaster

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    If they delay it any more I'll pull an R. Budd Dwyer. Anyway, Kyle is right. See the videos to preoccupy yourself until the actual release.
  6. Stratocaster

    Now That's Girl Power.

    ... I mean if it was a guy singing about his girlfriend cheating on him, and him destroying her car. OMG HES ABUSIVE Still, if it was a guy singing it about a guy, that's what would happen. A bunch of gay-hating rednecks would come to his house and burn him. But, you make a point about the part where it would be "abusive". Just like black people call white people crackers and get away with it but if we had "WET" we'd be racist.
  7. Stratocaster

    Now That's Girl Power.

    Maybe a bunch of gay-hating rednecks would come to his house and burn him?
  8. Stratocaster

    Funny T.v. Lines

    You won't get that unless you're a Beatles fan.
  9. Stratocaster

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    I said this before but I'm saying it again so I can directly quote: The game isn't delayed. It is still being released on December 3rd as scheduled, and TBD doesn't mean "To Be Delayed", it means "To Be Determined".
  10. Stratocaster

    Another Band Game

    You didn't come up with this idea. Its just a common word game people use for car rides and stuff. Except you actually listen to a bunch of songs by the bands. Close topic please.
  11. Stratocaster


    Your school goes to 3:50?Are you in elementary school, or what?
  12. Stratocaster

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    I saw the update and nearly screamed in shock. That was unexpected. http://www.nintendo.com/gamemini?gameid=Kn...uretT-KLyA& Also, TBD doesn't mean to be delayed, it means to be DETERMINED. See? Release Date: Dec 03 2007.
  13. Stratocaster


    Amazingness with chocolate ice cream and a banana, with a cherry on top. With nuts.
  14. Stratocaster

    Another Band Game

    Yeah, I came up with this idea and made a topic for it. Someone close please.
  15. Stratocaster

    What, Me Fanboy?

    I lol'd.

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