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  1. vsnlollipop

    Guaranteed Content Poll: Halloween 2010 Reward

    I voted ar the bone brooch only because I dont have the easter ring. the bat sounds booring but the mummy costume and the pumpkin seeds are great ideas so I hope Jagex keeps them for later events.
  2. vsnlollipop

    Magic Question

    I think alching air runes is good since they only yake 1 space in your bag, but you will lose a lot of money
  3. vsnlollipop

    F2p Smithing Training

    All those going for high smithing lv should do kights sword quest. It bosted my smithing lv by around 14! (Im only lv 34 now)
  4. vsnlollipop

    Dungeoneering Rewards

    Thanks! I wish it was like the holiday items.
  5. vsnlollipop

    Dungeoneering Rewards

    If you walk around whit your longbow (sighted) or the coal bag and dies, do you lose it and have to earn it again?
  6. Im only lv 14 dungeoneering:(
  7. vsnlollipop

    Revenant Knight

    I hate all the revenants. They come when you really dont wanna meet them.
  8. vsnlollipop

    Dear Crafters/mages:

    if you mine and smith silver you can make tiaras wich sells easily at the GE. this makes it slower training crafting and less money, but you train more skills!
  9. vsnlollipop

    Dwarf Drop?

    thanks alot!
  10. vsnlollipop

    Explorer Ring

    the beginner tasks has a really annoying sound! All the tasks are easy when you have good skills
  11. vsnlollipop

    Dwarf Drop?

    are the dwarfs in the dwarwen mine dropping gems?
  12. vsnlollipop

    Best Way To Raise Crafting For F2p

    I think silver tiaras sell better than the other silver items, and you get a little bit more xp.
  13. vsnlollipop

    Sell A Lot Of Stuff For Cheap?

    dont sell them, burn them. but the price you sell them for wont change i you dont do it.

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