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  1. Sobend

    Problems with the forums

    Yeah there are major issues with the forums right now but most of us are unable to fix it. Even I as a moderator get a "you have no permission to do this" message all of the time.
  2. Sobend

    Returning Post Issues

    I'd try every now and then to see if it works.
  3. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    But not after this post
  4. Sobend

    Go back to old style website for OSRS

    The site editor is broken so I can't update anything right now. It's been that way since the summer of 2017.
  5. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    WE like March, his shoes are purple, He is new and high; Makes he mud for dog and peddler, Makes he forest dry; Knows the adder’s tongue his coming, And begets her spot. Stands the sun so close and mighty That our minds are hot. News is he of all the others; Bold it were to die With the blue-birds buccaneering On his British sky.
  6. Sobend


    I really didn't want to see this comment die but it was dead-on-arrival.
  7. Sobend

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Extra pics (before I delete them from my computer) Rune actually in the rune rocks Batting 1.000 in high stakes duels! Post-shutdown meetup in OSRS I miss Runescape Classic very much. I've played a little bit of RS3 since it closed, but it's kind of lame. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. If you guys have any questions about the game, post here and I'll try to answer.
  8. Sobend

    (American) Football

    I was personally hoping for Hue Jackson.
  9. Sobend

    (American) Football

    (technically speaking)
  10. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    At least you hardly have any snow coming in.
  11. Sobend

    (American) Football

    It was a completely blown call but I don't feel as bad as the Saints as most do. Live by the sword die by the sword. Go to :30 of this video--2009 NFC Champ blown calls completely benefited Saints

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