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  1. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

  2. Sobend

    Hall of Memories

    Just in time for my dementia.
  3. Sobend

    Menaphos Birthday Celebrations

    Why are they celebrating this? It was sort of crap.
  4. Sobend

    HELP I can't type posts anymore. AGAIN!

    I feel obliged to make a joke about how great this is.
  5. Sobend

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    There's a pretty good video on speculations as to why it's actually closing:
  6. Sobend

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Well it's not like you haven't been in absentia lately too. Well this morning they announced they would be shutting down Runescape Classic on August 6th. I was very sad to hear this and I should have expected it with them shutting down FunOrb. I honestly thought they would never close RSC for historical reasons and to show new Jagex employees what the game was once like. Anyway, I've spent some time looking over this topic. It was nice to relive some (recent) memories from 2014 and 2015. I had a lot of fun with this game. I will probably spend the last two-and-a-half months playing again, though I doubt I'll grind out 99 or even 90 firemaking. But I can probably do a few things, like do the mage arena miniquest (the one thing I have not done). I hope to reconnect with some of my old friends from this game too. I've already spoken with two who are as sad as I am. This thread will now sort of act as some "farewell" to this game, though that sounds too corny. Is "cya" a better term?
  7. Sobend

    RuneScape Classic: Farewell

    Holy shizzle this is terrible.
  8. Sobend

    Holy Cow! What is up guys?!

    Welcome back fellow 05'er. Runescape coming to mobile phones is mainly in beta phase - it was supposed to be released by now, but who cares. :p
  9. Sobend

    They're shutting down FunOrb!

    Last time I checked it was a small community but you could always find someone to play with you. I miss those Arcanists disaster games. Especially the ones with the fissures.
  10. Sobend


    Happy Birthday SlashingUK
  11. Sobend

    You Are It.

    Are we play tag?
  12. If you can merch it long Yuan said then go for it. But I would hold onto that money until maybe your stats get a little higher, then think about what you'll need for bossing (like a blowpipe or something). Top gear for that will most likely just decrease in price. Do slayer for now IMO.
  13. Sobend


    Good luck with the bar exam and your pregnancy!
  14. Sobend

    Month Ahead - May

    Not impressed
  15. Sobend


    I'm just okay.
  16. Sobend

    haha what's up my dudes

    I'm doing great!
  17. Sobend


    ppl stil play this game LOL?
  18. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    lkjlkj GO NOVA
  19. Sobend

    Random Fun Memories

    Yeah, people gave you a lot of crap in the old days, but the truth is you were one of the few who actually gave a damn. And you were a clanner yourself. (The name of which clan I forget; something with knights in it?) So you actually understood these people mildly well. I remember when my clan was rebuilding we were out and ran into your clan and got demolished. I don't know if you were there or not at that time; this was late 2006/early 2007. IMO the clan community here got lost when it became a minor league for RSC. People saw it as a good way to get their new/rebuilding clan attention so they posted a topic and started acting like a Sal's clan. I remember when Gladz made an official topic saying that they were joining the Sals clan community all was lost. Then people started comparing it to RSC, and were complaining about the rules being different, and that was the end. My favorite Sal's clan of all time was probably FT. They were the one clan that rose up from the old/very early new forum community to stay until the Sal's clan community left. Finish ed was (is?) a good guy. Anyway, I was never involved in the forum sponsored clans. Those only lasted like six months or something :p.
  20. Sobend

    Random Fun Memories

    I miss the clan community here. Most fun I ever had on the internet. If it was back I'd drop everything and play Runescape several hours a day again. Getting paid $20 when I voted for Guitarguy as DM wasn't bad either.
  21. Sobend

    Month Ahead - April

    We can finally rebuild Edgeville! Only seven (?) years.
  22. Sobend

    Spring Fayre | Tribute to Guthix

    People need to get over GUTTHHIIXX already.
  23. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

  24. Sobend

    And together, we shall divine the future

    Whew nice

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