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    Happy 30th to Miccy Fats
  2. More content plz I have no idea what elite dungeons are but I think it's a few "mobs" (regular monsters), a few mini-bosses, and three bosses. (I used the oxford comma to make Guitarguy happy.) Coronavirus sobend is pro-gamer sobend
  3. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    I remember the Egghebrecht 2014/15 drop party
  4. Sobend

    what do you spend your time on?

    Most of the things I did in my free time in recent years I cannot do now because of the coronavirus and being very busy with work. But sports have been coming back, and I think we will get back to normal early next year. After a long day, it is much easier to passively watch television or use the computer than to learn something new. I do not think you should be upset with yourself for that because everyone else has the same problem.
  5. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

  6. To answer your question btw get full mystic
  7. Sobend

    Tempest vs Bandits + New Power

    The seamen of Tempest - battle hardened as they are - prepared for a tough fight. The face of the seamen darkened, the shadows grew long, and we set out on the battle field; swords and staves gripped tightly in our hands. Slaughter17 -- RS clanner by day, poet by night. Good job guys
  8. Sobend


    WOW Happy Birthday GUITARGUY . You share a birthday with Charlie Parker (today is his 100th!).
  9. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    Price for the sig is now max gp.
  10. Sobend

    Tempest vs Zerg Unit (CWA)

    Hell is empty and all the devils are here! Yes I just shamelessly quoted The Tempest. Congratz!!!!
  11. Sobend

    F2P 10 Hp gets Level 99 Attack!

    Congratz!! I've always admired your accounts.
  12. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    Congratz on free delivery!!!
  13. Sobend

    Tempest vs Cluster [F2P]

    Not even Cluster could weather... THE TEMPEST!!!!!1
  14. I am not playing much now because I went back to in-person work on Monday, so idk. I think I am going to try to get a quest cape again, but it requires me to do some "elite dungeons" or something. Too lazy to learn how to be elite at the moment. I hope you can get some footage of the last elf quest in OSRS. I never played it but I always liked that storyline. They really rushed the last Elf quest in RS3, even though it had some potential.
  15. Sobend

    Tempest vs Latin Crew

    Do you guys remember when the forum mods got mad that people only wrote "gratz" or something on these threads? Anyway gratz
  16. Bondscaper can't alch and do agility at same time? lame. I like it when that girl says "Would you like to donate your fertilizer?"
  17. Sobend

    Tempest vs Kurimao Clan Revolution

    Ghjjf! Nice job Sals' #1 clan.

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