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  1. (I am referring to the European figurehead sort, not hereditary dictatorships.) Monarchies seem completely outmoded in modern democratic societies. At best, they act as an extra-governmental feature. I can only think of several benefits to maintaining a monarchy-- 1. Tourism 2. Connection to History 3. A stable (but powerless) head of state. I live in the United States, where there is no official monarchy. I was wondering what people from limited monarchical governments (e.g., UK) thought of monarchies in the current world. Harmless? Silly? A way to keep national identity?
  2. Sobend


    Happy birthday Neo Avatars! 29 it looks like.
  3. Sobend

    The return of El Benno11

    Welcome back! I am not playing group ironman, but I am happy to see it finally coming to the game. Check out the Sals Realm OSRS clan while you are at it!
  4. Will this post be nostalgic 11 years from now?
  5. Sobend

    football is back

    Fly eagles fly!!!! We going to the superb owl baby!!!!
  6. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    I am awake now!
  7. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    I just want to celebrate / another day of livin’ — Milton (or maybe Rare Earth)
  8. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    It’s Labor Day as in we have to work.
  9. Sobend

    hi everyone

  10. Sobend

    The last person to post here wins

    Haaaapppy Labor Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sobend

    Global Epidemic and Your Growing Body

    Yikes lots of text but exposure does create “acquired immunity” to the pathogen in many cases. (This is how vaccines work.). The continued existence of some pathogen diseases does not mean acquired immunity does not exist, but it is not always absolute for whatever reason. I think a complete lockdown is now unfeasible and we should use volume control, vaccination and masking at this point. I hope we can get better masks instead of these minimally protective cloths.
  12. Sobend

    Yuanrang is admin

    We should move this to the announcements section. No need to add “Congratulations to…” because that would not adequately communicate our bleak despair.
  13. I remember Aabid posting “wow seeing these forums makes me so nostalgic!!” four months after he quit.
  14. 20 minute breaks every four hours? Pathetic!

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