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  1. jesseqzh

    Cry Of The Wolf

    Table of Contents I. | Basic Information | II. | Pictures and Videos | III. | How to Join | I. | Basic Information | Requirements: 90+ Combat F2P OR 85+ Mage / Range COTW History: |Leaders| 1. Runestud44 2. Mista Nicegy |Co Leaders| 1. Fireace213 |Council| 1. Start999 2. Vgamer209 3. Angelbabii55 4. Blackice555 |Warlords| 1. Runearcher81 2.Northerndwarf Website: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Cry_of_The_Wolf/index.php? Runehead: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=cotwclan IRC: #Cryofthewolf War Record: Full Out Wars: Wins: 1 Loses: 0 Fun War record: Wins: 0 Loses: 0 Skill Wars - 0 Win(s) - 0 Loss(es) II. Pictures and Videos Pictures: 1. 2. Videos: 1. 2. 3. III. How to Join After you completed and posted an application in the Application Forum, and have been contacted by a Council Member you will be moved to an COTW Trial Member upon acceptance. The stages of the Trial Member process 1. The whole Trial process takes 2 weeks from the time you get accepted. 2. From there you must attend 2 events possible and Get 30+ post on the COTW Forums. 3. After that you will be up for full member, as decided by the officials. 4. If officials feel you have not made enough effort during your time as recruit, you will either be asked to repeat the Trial Period as recruit, or made a guest of COTW. 5. If you are accepted, you will become a full COTW member, but activity is a necessity - if you don't remain active on the forums/IRC & in game, you may be demoted back to recruit.
  2. jesseqzh

    Cry Of The Wolf 90+

    Won first war against Violent Torment today!
  3. jesseqzh

    *puts On Quest Cape Club Sunglasses*

    Sell the shard fast because d plates are crashing
  4. Nice find Never knew that
  5. jesseqzh

    Ruthless Kingdom----95+

    New leaders in the clan O.O
  6. jesseqzh

    Farming Help Guide

    Should be "to".
  7. jesseqzh

    Gathering Charms

    Dagannoth in the lighthouse are fairly good droppers of gold charms, about 1/3. Gargoyles are a decent source of blue charms and also, Dagannoth in the Chaos Tunnels (level 88, range attack style) are a good dropper of crimson charms.
  8. jesseqzh

    Pure Or Main :(

    Ohi. Get higher stats on your main then go to GWD.
  9. jesseqzh

    Best Wepon

    Maple Longbow doesn't do any more damage than the shortbow. The damage you inflict with arrows depends on your range level and the type of arrows used. Longbows are only useful if you don't want def exp. Normally, a shortbow on longrange attack style is good enough.
  10. jesseqzh

    W00t 99 Mage!

    I'm pretty sure he is in world 132. There's always quite a few alchers standing in front of the bank, so they probably aren't people that came to his party. Congrats on 99 mage :)
  11. I'm pretty sure that is Guthan because of the helmet shape.
  12. jesseqzh

    No New Guides...

    This lying is so fun. No, I am just posting spam
  13. jesseqzh

    No New Guides...

    Yay the mob comes
  14. jesseqzh

    No New Guides...

    How does ROSE fit...

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