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    Interests? Did you really expect a uni student/shop assistant/princess of runescape to have time to get interests? I didn't think so :P<br /><br />But anything that is interesting is an interest of mine!

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  1. Princess Sjd

    I'm Leaving Sals :(

    Quick links: MY NEW BLOG http://www.freewebs.com/princesssjd/index.htm MY NEW FORUM http://z4.invisionfree.com/Royalty_of_Runescape _______________________________________ I never wanted to leave you guys. Or my blog. Its actually reduced me to tears what's happened today. I am NEVER going to stay somewhere that makes me feel like this. I'm leaving. The forum AND the blog. Why? Well some people know, and I won't explain here. I don't want flames. I do hope that the forum continues to do well. It's been the best forum I have ever been on - and with a five year track record of forums, that's a compliment! I do have some goodbyes, mainly to my greatest friends. Some used me and others I did not know as well. If i forgot you then please don't think I don't like you. My memory is bad! List of goodbyes: (in no particular order :P) Leadersirs ~ please don't quit for me. I mean it! If you have a problem with some people, then do talk to them. As you friend, will you please do that for me? You have been so kind, unconditionally. I am honoured to call you my friend. You make me laugh and keep me company. But I'll still not do Desert Treasure yet :P Stevenbrant ~ What can I say? A honest, nice guy who is friendly to everyone. If you ever need someone to talk to, he is there for you. He's been a commenter here since almost the beginning, and I'm glad we're friends :D You and Leaders are my bestest friends - I'd be lost without you two!!! Warriorpro ~ Thank you for talking to me today. And thank you for defending me. You're a great guy, and sadly I never get to talk to you as much as I would like due to leaving Novus. Keep on being the nice guy you are :P Dani ~ THE nicest guy on the forum. When you posted about the Novus thing, you seemed hurt. That hurt ME like hell as no one should hurt the nicest guy here! You're funny and smart, and I love the random messages on runescape! Neo Avatars ~ Apologies for the first pm I sent you, complaining about the 0 warn :) It's funny - in your profile I see your quite young. Yet you seem the maturest person on Sals. You know a lot about Jagex and Runescape, and your a great mod. It was nice talking to you Mrcsupertrain ~ Can't forget the quest master! :o You helped me a lot recently with quests. I wish they would hurry up and make you a DM! You totally deserve that :P Keep up with your blog - I want you to beat me, you hear me!!! :) I hope I can still talk to you :) Lucky777 ~ *sings* I should be so lucky! Lucky lucky lucky! :o Saw your post in the Blog awards - it made me smile :D Dragonmyth ~ I tried to talk to you about leaving and you never really listened. That hurt me :) But your a friend, and I like you :o Will talk to you online Doddsy1992 ~ Read above Whiskas88 ~ DON'T BE THEIR MESSENGER!!! :P Your great, you really are. Just don't let people use you as a postman. That's postie pete's job! Scary Monkey ~ You own :P Your really nice. It's a shame about the whole fallout we had, am pleased we resolved it. Hopefully we can keep talking Knight Haleth ~ My knight in shining armour! You were there for me through the Toby incident. Nicole P ~ Never got a chance to know you that well :o Have added you! So talk to me lol! Yerrok ~ I actually hated you at first :P Something about you saying negative stuff on my blog, wasn't it? But your a nice guy, was good to know you :) Ctaylor ~ A great friend. Please keep talking to me lol!!! Demsla ~ How did you get off my friends list the first time? Your a great person, though :P And yes, you're added! Hamon ~ You need to talk more on RS lol!!! Another good friend Jithin ~ Comments a lot on my blog, a very nice person who gives great advice. Kittenblob ~ Sorry about you having to mod my blog. Your a really sweet girl, and a great mod. Fissee ~ My fishing friend :o Your great, even though I don't know you that well Cxkslei ~ You stood up for me when I was getting flamed. you even wrote on your blog to ask people to leave me alone. I appreciate that. Your the spam king, and also a great guy Xela King ~ Your highness *curtseys* :P A great person also. Cold Fury ~ Really great person, it was nice to know you Well I think that is everyone! I won't be back here - when you read this I will be gone. Stevenbrant and Leadersirs are going to tell me if anyone who I don't have added. So if you want to be added on RS, please contact them. I will be on Runescape still. But when this is published I am logging. I won't see your comments so you don't need to write one. All that is left to say is thank you for making my blog a success. I will miss Sals and my blog. TTFN!!!!!!!!! Princess Sharon :) No I am not back. Don't get your hopes up! This is just to let you know that my bloggy has a new home! It can be found here: http://princess-sjd.blogspot.com/ And also to answer some common questions I've been bombarded with on Runescape. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! Do you honestly think I would be immature enough to LIE about what has happened? Just to trick you?! No off course not. I am serious about this. I only came back to get you all to know where you can find me, and I have achieved that. Will I come back? I doubt it. Who knows, in six months time I may sneak round and see what's happened. But to be honest, I really don't think I will. Steve summed up why I was not making a whole thread saying goodbye. To be honest I don't really want that much attention on my leave. I just wanted to let my friends know, and seeing as all read my blog I thought it would be best here. Would the few people who said "you leave, I leave" please not say that. That's not a fair situation to put me in. Datasi you called me a drama queen. Off course I'm a bloomin drama queen - where the hell you been lol?! I am who I am. If you don't like it then go away lol. Another Steve post said I should ignore the ones who did it. How much longer am I to do that? Six months? A year? Five years? I cannot stay somewhere that I don't feel happy. And Sals no longer makes me happy due to the flames. To the people insulting my friends because they defend me and will miss me - if you actually had friends, you would understand. Toby - for once, this last straw did not involve you. But lying to Stevenbrant annoyed me. Kitten - I will not explain what happened here. This blog has already created more attention that planned. But if you would like an explination I will talk to you on Runescape about it :) Mrc - Aww with the first post! That wasn't my first post :P My first one was deleted! Tmbrown10 - flaming can happen any day of the week - not just Aprils. I wrote the entry at March 31st. It is serious. I made my mind up at the Masors party, and told my closest friends then. WP and Mrc on page one - nicest posts ever Ok I'm off now! I will NOT be back! I just wanted to get you all to come to my new bloggy! Please come to my new blog. It's very preddy And one last time TTFN!!!!!
  2. Princess Sjd

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    I get a gold medal for #1 and morfius silver for #2 can you get bronze? Also Princess check lots of Kittenblobs posts and you will go up a few clues quicker :) -gazisere :( I would check her posts but I am so lazy :D ... Oh well, it would be better than the random guesses I have made so far! And grats on being first to solve it! :( Grats to morfius too
  3. Princess Sjd

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    *gets annoyed at lack of clue finding* *attempts random password guessing until she gives up* This is harder than the last game! :( Nice to see some people managed to solve it (the clever people that they are) :(
  4. Princess Sjd

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    *just realises where she should be looking for clues* I wasted 20 minutes reading the wrong thread. Doh! This game is fun, I must admit :(
  5. Princess Sjd

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    A twenty one page topic made in the space of me being away for a day. :/ I'll never leave Sals for a minute ever again. Although in all honesty I have no idea what on earth this is all about
  6. Princess Sjd

    Thanks Jagex, Love Your Game!

    I thought all messages between yourself and Jagex are confidential, and that we were not allowed to post them? :huh:Totally agree with you though. The amount of macros I see every day is increasing and it annoys me
  7. Princess Sjd

    Rule 2 Update

    Take a note of what they say people - and warn everyone what they are going to do :D
  8. Princess Sjd

    Penguins Are Nasty Theifs! *mad*

    You bike 11 miles? :o Are you crazy? I could never do that. I'm too lazy. :PIt's better than walking 11 miles. It is not too bad if the roads are quiet but if they're busy I end up deaf because everyone is tooting their horns, because I weave in between the cars :aware:Have fun clubbing! - Audio -:)I love walking, but 11 miles would probably kill me lol! You should be really careful, if your weaving in between cars. You could get hurt! [/over protectiveness] Actually my first ever forum name was Chocoholic. So chocolate princess would make much more sense lol! I think an easter bunny costume is next :D I'm not doing anything on Aprils Fools - apart from avoiding being fooled by my Dad. He is the master of April jokes :( Tomatoes are food, but they taste horrible! We had a room like that in high school - it was the French room. I hated it. Then it burnt down (it was one of those huts and not an actual building). So no more fainting for anyone :D
  9. Princess Sjd

    Penguins Are Nasty Theifs! *mad*

    The image only shows 103 tomatoes. Where do you see 518? :mad: It sure will. I like the new rule change. :D Heh. Go outside of your house and use the expel option. You’ll get another interesting message. :P Of course, you're welcome. How would you know? Do you stalk penguins? ^_^ Why wouldn't he? Also, what do you call your step-mum in real life? That's ok, have fun. :)~ MrcsupertrainBaskets contain up to 5 of a certain fruit or veg. All those baskets contained 5 tomatoes each. (103*5)+3=518 ;) Penguins do not appear in the high scores, so they don't have a thieving lvl :P I call my step-mum by her nickname, as she prefers that to her real name. :) Ouch! :( That's a lot of slides. I hope you did ok :D I live about 45 mins away in a bus, or 30 in a car. Too far away to walk lol :( You bike 11 miles? :o Are you crazy? I could never do that. I'm too lazy. :P I know! We seem to go online at different times :( I would say it was, yes. Lying to someone in order to get them to get the wine is luring, and I guess that is reportable. I'm unsure though
  10. Princess Sjd

    73 Smithing

    Congrats on yet another smithing lvl <_<
  11. Princess Sjd

    Penguins Are Nasty Theifs! *mad*

    When I said I was the tomato princess, it was just a joke. Doddsy made it up as my title at the moment is "Tomato". But I just checked my bank and noticed this: That is a grand total of 518 tomatoes that I have grown myself. I have no idea why I am keeping them. I was originally going to keep them in case I needed in payment for farmer's to look after my trees. At least I will never run out! I played a bit of Runescape while I was at uni (bad, I know). Did some fishing and then made some tele tabs, all while being screenied by Haleth (he likes trying to shame me by taking screenies of the silly things I say :P). Later, when I returned home I decided to do some farming in the hope I could use my new lunar spell. While walking to the plots I saw this: Probably a lurer I am pleased with the new update (for once). It will help get rid of the nasty lurers! So went to my patches where I noticed I had left a dead herbs planted (I was not actually planting herbs, just tomatoes. Need lots of tomatoes...). So I used the spell and got this: Did they have to make it sound so sarcastic? :) Gutted that its just for curing. :o I then met up with Mrc, who supplied me with mahogany planks I needed. Thanks Mrc :o He went with me to finish the penguin quest. They stole my suit! :P How DARE they!!! They don't even have a high thieving lvl. Outrageous! Oh well, at least I finished the quest :P No levels, but nevermind :D That was pretty much my Runescape day. Been a long day. Firstly I had a bit of annoying news. When I got my morning bus (which was actually on time. Shocking!) they told me that as of next week it would NEVER be running again :o Which means that I have to get the later bus and be 30 minutes late for uni :) You would have thought the passengers would have been given more notice! My step-mum is trying to persuade my dad to give me a lift on Thursday mornings. Hopefully he will. Class one of three was ok. I had done all the work before, so I was pretty bored. Class two was awful. It was extremely stuffy in that room. I can't sit in that kind of room. I feel dizzy, and once even fainted :P It's scary when that happens. So I pretty much spent the whole class not being in the classroom. I think people were gossiping but I don't care - I'd rather study in a good atmosphere than study and then collapse! Class three and I had a presentation. It went quite well, but I did stutter a bit due to nerves. Think we passed it :D And now home, where I am exhausted. Just a warning that there may not be a blog tomorrow. I might be going clubbing (which is silly as I am working at 9am Saturday and shouldn't be out till 3.30am!). Sorry! Princess Sharon
  12. Princess Sjd

    Rule 2 Update

    *sees word "rule change"* :P *actually sees what the change is* :P They should actually include the range guild luring and all the other lures, not just wilderness.
  13. Princess Sjd

    Tv Ruins Screenshots :mad:

    Oh my God, is the match on today?! I didn't know :) I knew they won the last game *cheers* against whoever they were playing (Princess Sjd's knowledge on football? :P). Or have I missed it :( No one tells me the results of Scotland games. Mainly cause we lose :P Yes, I'm heartless. Nooooooooooooooo I was hoping we'd win *cries* IT's NOT FAIR!!!! :lol::rofl:Scotland will win next time. You'll see. We have a great football team, Scotland... :rofl:
  14. Princess Sjd

    Tv Ruins Screenshots :mad:

    Oh my God, is the match on today?! I didn't know :rofl: I knew they won the last game *cheers* against whoever they were playing (Princess Sjd's knowledge on football? :)). Or have I missed it :lol: No one tells me the results of Scotland games. Mainly cause we lose :P Yes, I'm heartless. Nooooooooooooooo I was hoping we'd win *cries* IT's NOT FAIR!!!! :rofl:
  15. Princess Sjd

    Tv Ruins Screenshots :mad:

    Aww, there there.*gives chocolate bar* *Eats chocolate bar*Btw, it's not cwassified as 'fwood'. <_<~Knight HalethChocolate is food, silly! :P

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