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  1. Swagga

    Thank you Sal's!

    Hello everyone, Don't think anyone will remember me (username used to DrOp_Of_LiFe, and then Rockytico.. confusing I know) but i wanted to give a quick thanks to this forum, I think it played a huge part of my life back when i joined (2006) and actually was where i learned about design from the graphics forum. I also met some amazing people on here, and would always be excited to come back home from school to be on here lol. I had like no IRL friends at the time too so yeah.. haha I am now in at University of Houston for industrial design doing 3D modeling and prototypes and working as a graphic designer for a national company (idk how to explain it but we've done jobs for google, and youtube to name a few..). Without the people here that helped me when i first got GIMP and then later on when i transitioned to photoshop/illustrator, i wouldn't even know what to do with my life tbh lol. This may sound overdramatic, probably no one will read this but yeah this place will always be special to me!
  2. Swagga

    Thank you Sal's!

    thank you everyone *high fives!* I'm hoping to drop by a bit more frequently in the graphics section if time allows.
  3. Swagga

    T-Shirt Design

    Shows Sketching, Making, and 3D Modeling
  4. Swagga

    T-Shirt Design

    its a must! thank you
  5. Swagga

    College Life 360 Video

    Thanks! I am an intern at a photobooth company, we had done a job with youtube earlier in the year when 360 playback had barely come out, and we had an extra camera in the studio (a ricoh theta m15). It was fairly simple to edit after multiple tests.
  6. Swagga

    College Life 360 Video

    Hey everyone at Sal's, it's been awhile! I didn't know where else to post this, but i just made my first 360 youtube video and it's about 'college life'. it was for a class assignment so I couldn't post any wild party, but if anybody wants to give it a look that'd be awesome! here's the link. (watch it in the Youtube app, or Chrome for the 360 playback to work).
  7. Swagga


    we need more cowbell
  8. Swagga


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIcCBgEw81M&feature=youtu.be how im asking a girl to prom
  9. Swagga


    fu k you bish
  10. Swagga

    some poster for class

    I know it sucks
  11. Swagga


    I got my first car today Im happy Really happy
  12. Swagga


    not it was 2000
  13. Swagga


    havent taken a picture but its a 1999 mitsubishi mirage, white, with spoiler.
  14. Swagga


    im still here topdog
  15. Swagga

    Lured back by 07 servers

    omg zamma I remember you
  16. Swagga

    the squad

  17. Swagga

    the squad

  18. Swagga

    Educational Posters

    hi ambo100. I remember you when I first joined sals. I like the posters.
  19. Swagga


    going to college next semester, sam houston state university to be exact. im nervous.
  20. Swagga


  21. Swagga

    I would

    I would play runscape 07 again but i knowd id get addicted again. Cant take the risk. Also my mom wont pay for my membership.. LMFAO jk. I remember when i was like in 6th grade though i had to ask for membership. shizzle sucked. Now i use that debit card however i want. id rather play fifa tho idk
  22. Swagga

    confession time

    i always wanted to be a sals moderator. real talk. #FML
  23. Swagga

    confession time


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