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  1. scoobywoohoo

    People Who Use Drugs

    On the driving issue I would say that myself and many others I know drive safer while under the influence of cannabis. My senses are heightened and I pay greater attention to what is happening on the road as well as driving more carefully as to not get pulled over. I think that the fact cannabis is still illegal in the United States is ludacris. I honostly can not think of one bad thing smoking cannabis does to me aside from the dangers it puts me in in order to acquire it.
  2. scoobywoohoo

    Sals Realm Nationstates

    I miss this game. I refounded my nation and moved it back to sal's realm.
  3. scoobywoohoo

    Drinking / Smoking / Drugs

    Yes, yes, and yes. I did them all at the age of 16 and continue to until this day all on a fairly regular basis.
  4. scoobywoohoo

    Why Do People Smoke?

    Not to sound rude but your dad at a pack a week isn't that bad honostly. At this point in time I'm a pack a day person and I can feel it affecting my health but I can't get the wilpower to stop.
  5. scoobywoohoo

    Unofficial Official Starcraft Discussion

    OgsMC defeats St.July in the GSL finals to become the first two time champion. And in other news the TSL starts tomorow!
  6. scoobywoohoo

    Wilderness Luring And Free Trade Scams

    Honostly most of theese scams are pathetic. I see people everyday while alching get scammed on the doubling money scam. If you are really that stupid then you deserve to get scammed.
  7. scoobywoohoo

    Just Got Back After A 2 Year Hiatus.

    I'm actualy not that upset. at first I thought he made out with my cash as well, but when I checked the grand exchange collection box I found a ton of Diamond rings and amulets. I'm in the process of selling/alching them now :D
  8. As the title says I just returned for a long long break. My acount was hacked and My Blue mask sold but The hacker left the money so I have a pretty penny, 32 mil to be exact. I'm wondering what is new and what I should try out. Any guides or usefull market prices would nice as well. Thanks.
  9. scoobywoohoo

    Official Wow Thread

    I leveled to 85 and then quit. I can't fit the time in for any games at this point.
  10. scoobywoohoo

    Why Do People Smoke?

    I hate people who say people start smoking from peer pressure. I was once offered a ciggarette so I took it I was never once forced. As for why I stuck with the habbit I guess I just love the feel I get from it. It's hard to explain but I feel almost euphoric after each and every ciggarette I smoke.
  11. scoobywoohoo

    When I Was Your Age:

    World 2 Fally merching. I could do it for hours buying an item and instantly reselling it for twice the price I bought it for. And I almost forgot. Buying your Blue Mask for 10m and seeing it at around 85m now
  12. scoobywoohoo

    Official Wow Thread

    Hunters <3 Grats on your first 80. I've decided to take my leave on 80s and raiding.
  13. scoobywoohoo

    Swiftkit And Tiko Programs

    Back when I played I never logged on when not on Swiftswitch or Swiftkit as it is called now.
  14. scoobywoohoo


    google Heroes of Newerth. You'll thank me later.
  15. scoobywoohoo

    Official Wow Thread

    Are you really that bad a player that you don't realize that PvP gear also bring equivalent item levels but are absolutely horrendous for PvE? Let's not forget all the idiots running around with items they don't need. I've seen healers having over 300 hit being taken into pugs? Want to know why? It's because people like you don't take the time to learn what's right and what's wrong, and then take whatever ridiculous item they can find, and being bloody carried into content by people that actually know what the hell to do. Oh, and yeah, those epics are really hard to get with today's welfare system and achievements are so hard to fake. /facepalm First off, If I am pugging a raid I gear check. Gearscore is good first impression imo. I check there gear/gems/spec to make sure they know how to play there class. Now if it makes me Elitest if I want my raids to have good players in them then I am sorry. I organize a 25 ToC every week with half guildes and half pugs. I have found that people with around 4500 gearscore are generally geared and smart enough to do well. Now does this mean I don't gearcheck them anymore? No. I still gearcheck them but by having gearscore I can tell if it is even worth my time. Sure I can be elitest because I don't even bother to check people who have under 4k.. I don't know how good you are without ever playing with you. So like I said all I have to know that you are a good player is how you gear/gem/spec your character and by what achievments you have.

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