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    rllly expect me to update every time?
  1. nath101

    Hdmi-component Cable?

    im not sure there is a componentent output on ps3
  2. In this thread Hauppauge I asked about recording my ps3 games. So i was wondering about the hauppauge thing. could i use a hdmi-coponent adaptor?
  3. nath101


    no, im planning on recording from my playstation 3,
  4. nath101


    oh i didnt realise theres no hdmi.,but it claims to be hd so maybe theres another way
  5. nath101


    Ive been looking around for ways to record my ps3 gameplay in HD. Does anyone know if this will work with my PS3? http://www.hauppauge.co.uk/site/products/data_hdpvr.html also does anyone know a better way of doing it? i would prefer a wireless method of possible as my ps3 and pc are opposite sides of my romm and i dont like too many wires (if can avoid wires that is)
  6. nath101

    Driver Update

    does it matter that that says us when im in the uk?
  7. I need to update my graphics driver. im currently use ATI Radeon HD 4850 series. but i cant find anything to do what that when i try to update. i go to the proper website that has all the drivers but i cant find that on any of the lists. im using windows vista home premium 64bit any help greatly appreciated
  8. nath101


    i didnt to make it siund like that (althought i thought it might) but either way they were completely seperate
  9. nath101


    i didnt say they had imunity i was talking about how you say that ninjas are almost imune to magic, plus what about the kill with katana? im pretty sure katana are samurai weapons. ninjas and samurai did not work together, i heard they didnt like each other
  10. nath101

    An Idea For The Smithing Skill

    i think this idea would work well in minigames, if they added weapons you can only use in the games
  11. nath101


    you make ninjas sond completely unbeatable. i mean mages have next to zero chance of hitting them, and kill with katana? that makes it sound like a 1 hit kill. if your serious about this then you should have a complete re-think on this
  12. nath101

    Building A Computer

    it will take long because i dont relly have much of an idea what im doing, i work shifts, and i havent bought anything yet
  13. nath101

    Building A Computer

    im basically going to be making the pc thats in my first post, but hopefully a little bit better this topic was just to find out if need a certain motherboard, i will post the exact specs when im done, might be a month or 2 though as i have t do it while im not working seeing as i work shifts it could take a while
  14. nath101

    Building A Computer

    that is true. i will finally decide that part when i get there. but i think i know what im going to be using now (apart from os as im not totally decided) so this can be closed thanks for the help
  15. nath101

    Building A Computer

    i would get windows 7 but im tring to get this done pretty fast. my laptop doesnt work properly anymore so i want to make a computer and then move all my files over before this one stops completely

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