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  1. I want 120

    Going for Maxed

    any suggestions to the order of skills i should do it?
  2. I want 120

    Going for Maxed

    Hey guys i finally got 120, now i want to get a bigger challenge, going for max and i need some people to help me out for the cost efficient methods and the money burner methods right now i would like information on the following skill places and how much xp they give if its decent or not because i dont know a lot about them Flash Powder Factory Jadinko Lair Herblore Habitat if there are cost efficient methods or fast methods you would like to share, please do any help will be appreciated :( PS. yes i do know its going to be a long run :D
  3. I want 120

    Who Becomes Class Valedictorian?

    ^if you choose that u may :( but i'd say for a person who would want to take sports with majority of your classes are AP i wouldn't advise it, practices for sports are like everyday in our school, for 1 hour to 2 hours, sure some sports give 1hr - 45min before practice but thats not nearly enough time to get all your AP work done in my opinion
  4. this is an extremely debatable topic with me and my friends and i wanted to see what other people think about this i want to see what people view to this topic who would have a better chance to getting class valedictorian? Full or majority AP person who attends some clubs, does well in his classes (A's and B's), AP tests and a passion for learning ad their future, does not play sports or... Full Honors Student, who does play sports, some clubs, and does well in his classes (A's and B's) wants a bright future I want to give my opinion to this i think the AP student who attends some clubs should win the class valedictiorian position, why? here's a list of reasons, (i could make an essay about this lol..) -They are better prepared for college, extremely rigourous courses at an early grade -They don't want to get A's just for the sake of A's but to contribute to a better college application and etc. -They have to worry about more tests, (AP Tests, not HSAs) -Honors students as far from my friend's experience, it's a great gap of difficulty between AP and Honors, the workload and "rigourousness" for AP surpasses the sports area +honors classes of the student -I see that sports is for something having fun basically so why should a person who took fun sports and extremely easy classes compared to full AP classes get valedictorian position over someone who takes AP courses working their butt's off day and night to fullfill their goal of the future, valedictorian should go to the one who deserves it, not some student who is having fun with somewhat easy courses -some people might say "but they represent the school so much with sports". yeah well again most people who apply for colleges or go to the high school won't really care about the sports team unless they're willing to major in the phys ed. area of the school, they would probably want to know the school's test average, how good teachers are, and how good the students are. representing the school through sports doesn't do much to oneself's intelligence through major academic classes, but it does help them boost their self confidence, and etc. this is just the things i see, lets discuss <:
  5. I want 120

    Corrupt Pmods

    @cody, i meant like advertising floors, not leech floors like.. Occs+3 Warps+1 c1s+4 laws and etc. sry for misunderstanding
  6. I want 120

    Corrupt Pmods

    i don't see what purposes pmods have these days, their only power is to mute and thats it, and they can mute freely, so it can be freely be abused so whats the point in it? theres already the chat filter to filter profanity etc, if jagex wishes to mute those rwt advertisers, they should just do it themselves and IP ban the advertisers in my opinion
  7. I want 120

    Corrupt Pmods

    So today i got muted for two days, but the reason was completely arbritrary in my own opinion..why? well because i was hosting a floor and advertising it then a pmod muted me because of that reason. i knew it was a pmod because my messages weren't being shown to other players while i could see them talk, if you were jagex, what would you do? personally i wouldn't have player mods at all and i can;t appeal the mute :<
  8. I want 120

    Get Higer Total? Or 120 Dunge?

    hey guys i've been having issues in which should be my priorities in terms of goals either getting a higher total or 120 dunge right now i stand at 113 dungeoneering with a 2018 total level. I need you guys to help me decide on this
  9. I want 120

    Summoning Ring

    today i decided to try out the summoning ring and tested it our on making a few titans, how come the bonus xp did not register from the ring? this a glitch or something?
  10. So as those who have done the quest, Ritual of the Mahjarrat i loved almost everything about the quest, (except for kethsi agility part) i loved Battle with Lucien and the cutscene after that, the ending "vision" and the Mos'le harmless hunt, they were all really good now i just really want the next quest after it, im very excited lol... so guys what you think might be after the sequel? i honestly think it will be another new quest series with this time, the dragonkin and the end of runescape? :( battling the dragonkin will be fun if that happens
  11. I want 120


    glacors drop shards and i'm pretty sure the drop rate is 1/10 i'm just wondering, would it be far more profitable to make the staff or grind them to dust and sell them that way?
  12. I want 120

    Mournings End Part Ii

    so im past on placing the yellow crystal and crossing the hedges (its like the first part of mep2) and entered the room where there is supposed to be a chest containing 2 mirrors and a cyan crystal, well apparently i opened the chest and i found nothing, all it says that it is empty and i dont have the mirrors and the crystal, i've tried looking at the collector but nothing..nada,
  13. I want 120

    What Now..?

    recently i have dunged within 3bo world and decided host a row of warps thinking that i can last a row but suddenly within less than a minute into the dunge i am yelled to go and turn of the computer and so i did but before i even go i said to the team i have to go, i can't help it... next thing i log in my friend who was in the same party sent me this screenie of a conversation of the 2 people in my party reporting me as a rage-quitter =[ i was extremely devastated, i dont even think its ragequitting, there was nothing to rage on quitting...i really hope i can appeal somehow and i saw that they called me retarded and somthing like that it was but what should i do now..? im aiming for 120 dunge and this report is not going to help and from what i heard ultimate dungeoneering is not good and a bunch of blacklisted 3bo members which i do not want to be im completely hopeless..
  14. I want 120

    Need Practice On Keying

    Im finally getting a hang with keying adapting to my low total and everything figuring out what to do it worsecase scenarious to guardian door priorities but now is where i wan to truly practice keying and see my "true" times with a perfect team. before you say anything though i key an average of 25-27 minute average in 3bo but from what im experienced is that there are still some people who just can't dungeoneer properly mainly because they can't pay attention or dont take the initiative to auto gate or something like that being shy and stuff depending on keyer too much. i see 110+ requirements as well but i understand why, but my goal is to be able to key sub20 floors and i really want to practice keying so umm is there another way to find a place to key properly? or just wait 110 dunge and host floors 110+?
  15. I want 120

    Is It Me Or Just The Team?

    Well just so you guys know i dungeoneer a lot (some of you may know that already) and its still rare that i get sub 30 floors occults for some reason in 148, when i key in 3bo world my flrs have never been over 30 and made my time record there (20:07 warped) i think its just the team but i dont know if im right cuz i usually key my occs in 148 because im unconfident in 3bo unless my friend finds a team for me most of my dungeons, within 5-10 min, almost half the floor is complete which looks amazing in my opinion, then comes the last doors with the last gds and i see a slow down in time there where in 148 it goes slow, well too slow so is it just the team, or me?

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