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  1. Doom

    Skill Competition 5: Agility

    Sorry for the late post. It will be agility. Continue to post usernames until the contest starts so i can add you to the tracker.
  2. Doom

    Skill Competition 5: Agility

    I assumed hunter hadn't changed and most people still did your typical salamanders, chins, and grenwalls?
  3. Doom

    Skill Competition 5: Agility

    Username: Kaysie What are you planning on making the participation experience? Depends on the skill but generally I try to make it equivalent to 3-4 hours of training. I think agility is like 50k/hr so I would make it 150k or 200k. Idk hunter but same idea.
  4. Doom

    Skill Competition 5: Agility

    Voting ends in approximately 10 hours. Right now it's down between Hunter/Agility. Please start posting your usernames if you want to participate so I can make the tracker soon.
  5. Doom


    Then the pistons would have to throw in drummond or monroe. But I doubt they would do that since they see a lot of potential in both. The celtics are probably going to get rid of Rondo since they are in full rebuilding mode. They aren't going to win many more games with him th If they trade him, I'm certain what they would want is a 2014 first round pick and a solid young player. I'm sure they'd take on an expiring contract as well. I would just hate to see drummond or monroe go since they're such young/promising players. I would rather them give up brandon knight + stuckey or something. Brandon Knight isn't going to be great but i doubt the celtics want him as the main trade piece.
  6. Doom

    A few more recent achievements

    max cape
  7. Doom

    Skill Competition 5: Agility

    Pls vote agility, I need a reason 2 train it for ROTM lol.
  8. Doom

    Battle of Lumbridge

    At some point it seems we omitted the Duke's Crisis. o_o From what I can see in week 2, the only changes have been new NPCs/Random events and the new duke's crisis. If we can add those in sometime soon, w'll be caught up for week 2.
  9. Doom

    Past Skill Competition Winners

    Another great week of competition! Thank you to everybody who participated in this week's thieving competition. As always, here are the results. It was a close race between Dei/Kaysie. Good job to both of you and for making the race for #1 challenging. 1st Place: Dei Wei [img=http://i.imgur.com/Nk9LLas.png] 2nd Place: Kaysie [img=http://i.imgur.com/IdZxCL0.png] 3rd Place: Doom [img=http://i.imgur.com/Xj5MP1g.png] 200k+ Participation [img=http://i.imgur.com/VVJRQWe.png] Check out all the xp gains here: http://runetrack.com...er.php?id=16734
  10. Doom

    Battle of Lumbridge

    I figured we can begin working on week 2 stuff now that we have the basics down. And anything we wanna add from week 1 just to make it more detailed can be done as well.
  11. Doom

    Skill Competition 4: Thieving

    Participation was only 300k so you reached that. Oh - when I checked earlier I thought it was 400k. Yay me I guess? I was done thieving when I thought I passed 300k. Then I checked xp and was 1k behind you so 10 minutes of PP put me up. :P RESULTS HERE: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/topic/359905-past-skill-competition-winners/page__st__20__gopid__4110071#entry4110071
  12. Sal's Skill Competition July 26 1PM GMT-28 1PM GMT Check everybody's progress at :http://runetrack.com/competitions/competition_tracker.php?id=16734 Keep an eye out on how you're doing! When: July 26-28 (48 hours) Skill: Thieving Prize: Signatures for participation and winner Participation requirement: 300k Thieving ***********************Updates*********************** 7/24/13- Competitions times changed. Pushed back 12 hours. Now Friday 12PM GMT - Sunday 12PM GMT 7/24/13- Added tips section to main post ********************************************************************* Tips General Rules If possible, try not to use effigies, xp lamps, or Warbands or get xp in any way besides training the skill itself. It ruins the fun if somebody has been saving up their lamps. Other minigames are allowed such as Runespan for Runecrafting. You should get the idea of what and what isn't "training" the skill Please log out before and after the event. This way we can track the xp fairly so that it's up to date. We will be using the runestat website listed above and I will personally have a spreadsheet just to make sure things match up. Please participate! You don't have to be a winner to get something! Participation requirements are generally very doable during the time limit and only require a decent amount of time on your part! HAVE FUN! This if for you guys to have a little bit of friendly competition. :P I don't want you guys no-lifing 48 hours straight. I let you guys choose the skills for the competitions so you guys can do what you want to do.
  13. Doom

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    I would recommend GWD next week so other people can join in too. Bandos Hard mass or something. (Although I won't be around)
  14. Doom

    Battle of Lumbridge

    There's a 3 pixel horizontal variation which is hardly noticeable when you're browsing through the guide. Spell checked it and everything looks good. Ready to be added by Reepicheep since I dont have the powers
  15. Now that Runescape 3 has officially been released, let's find out what you guys think of it. Also, if you're having any sort of problems, ask here and maybe somebody else who is experiencing a similar problem can help you out.
  16. Doom

    Battle of Lumbridge

    Sounds good. Here is the code for the first post if anybody wants to make changes. I will be gone for a few hours but I will be back later hopefully
  17. Doom

    Battle of Lumbridge

    Guide is 95% done. We just need the tokens and a quick proofread. Unless you guys wanna add anything else, that's all I think we need.
  18. Doom

    Battle of Lumbridge

    thanks mic. We don't need a picture of the 1000 fragments. Let's just put the guide up without the cosmetics. It's going to take forever for somebody get them.
  19. Doom

    Battle of Lumbridge

    Thanks a bunch mic. We just need pictures for the table then I'll reorganize the guide and we should pretty much be done!
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  22. Doom

    Past Skill Competition Winners

    Later I'm going to clear up the first post and just have links to all the announcments in the first post. After a few more competitions it will become too hard to manage in one post.
  23. Doom

    Past Skill Competition Winners

    Better late than never. Congratulations to everybody to placed in this competition. We tried out some different times and experimented a little so thank you for putting up with that. Also, this is the new announcement format. We will post all winners here so there is an archive of everybody. :) Here are the winners. http://i.imgur.com/zLOAmhg.png http://i.imgur.com/NLauisq.png http://i.imgur.com/7xACV7R.png http://i.imgur.com/w1nfMK6.png If you gained 200K+ XP in one of the periods (Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun), you're eligible for the Participation Underbanner! Thank you for your participation! All participants: http://runetrack.com/competitions/competition_tracker.php?id=16640 http://runetrack.com/competitions/competition_tracker.php?id=16656

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