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  1. Doom

    Fremnnik Isles

    It says that the person will give you 4 (4)dose pray potions when asked for, this is not true. He actually gives you 3 (3) dose potions.
  2. Doom

    I'm Leaving Sals :(

    Though I didn't know you very well I hope you have fun while you're off of sals and rs. Sad to see you go.
  3. Doom

    Need An Underbanner Tutorial

    Does anybody have a tut for photoshop? I dont have gimp
  4. Well i'm trying to make underbanners like this one Just some underbanner found on roums
  5. Doom

    Today's Downtime

    Ty! I was wondering why i couldn't access the forums or site.
  6. Doom

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    N:(TO Other guy) Hey noob i'll fight you in the wilderness if you bring your best items M: Leave him alone. man if he doesn't want to he doesn't have to N: Oh yeah? I'll fight you, I could kill you easily M: Is that so? N: Yeh, if I can't then my main will M: Main's level? N:(i forget but i remember 100+) M: Well I'm kind of busy right now N: You're just a wimp M: I'm busy just leave me alone. Then he started making racial slurs :) Then i called him a noob cuz he was 16
  7. Doom

    My Goal To 99 Hunter

    99 hunter is a huge achievement. I'll be sure to check back on this goal page and see how you're doing! Good luck! I like how you organised your bar sigs. They look very pleasing
  8. Doom

    T3h 1337 Ninja's Kit - Update 18/03

    I forgot link to site. Can somebody post it
  9. Doom

    My Fake... New White Drags :o

    5/10. All you really did was just paint the dragons white along with d hide. And then you did the same only with red with short.
  10. Doom

    Wish Granted...but!

    But you wish you were poorer :P i wish i had a blue phat
  11. Yes I was there protesting myself. I didn't think that it was fair for Jagex to do this. Unforunately I have been muted for 2 days, and banned from RS forums. I still have a day left of being muted and I hope I am allowed on RS forums soon. Luckily I have received no black marks. :P I have a question too. I have a mute mostl ikely because of the protest, How to I pm a mod or somebody to ask them about this?
  12. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    mine is super 1337!
  13. Doom

    99 Attack

    nice man 99 anything is a real accomplishment! Now that you got 2 99 stats you can get trimmed capes of achievement!
  14. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    Kk no probs bronze. Well i gotta go work on the rest of my entry. It's gonna be hard showing stairs and tables and sara strikes hitting people rofl :s Bronzez, friends? add me in rs- i got same name as i do on sals
  15. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    no prob bronze, most of the time i dont usually do a wip and just pot it when im done sorry if i t caused any troubles
  16. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    wait bronze...can i see the link to that forum? i dont reemember entering one but i would like to see it please. I didnt rip this ok. It may have the same concept as Andyana because its a mage with a sara staff but i probably have a different idea in mind. I want the link to that forum please.
  17. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    nice man-I wanna win it lol working on pixel
  18. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    which competition? i havent really been on this forum in awhile and the last one i entered was a screenshot faking contest I dont think i have ever entered another pixel contest other than this one, please refresh my memory if i did though
  19. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    i have a history of ripping? I dont rip
  20. Doom

    Mods Can Close

    Im still doing the WIP but this is some of my incomplete cwars sig ive started-i just chopped some of what i did into a frame Im working on the thing so yeh lol. take a look at part of my own sig
  21. smashes your computer and looks in your wallet to find your bank pin pass and all info. Take phat and kill myself taking the phat to me into the underworld.
  22. can you make me one? thanks in advance I want it to be like a gren background(bright) A whip,d chain and blue phat, Saying Join MoC Today! Thanks!
  23. Doom

    Sal's Realm Newspaper!

    holy crep i love it lol

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