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  1. Hey all,


    I was thinking about getting back into the game again just casually. Just wanted to get some opinions from you guys. Is it worth playing again? If so, OSRS or whatever they call the the current game (EOC or something?). I'm not sure what's changed in the last 3-4 years (probably a lot), but any tips for somebody starting over from scratch are always nice.

  2. Rudy Gay is just an overrated player in the first place. He's incredibly inefficient and doesn't create often for his teammates. Toronto doesn't need that since they already have Demar. Now Demar and Jonas should get more touches which will be good for their development.

  3. Derrick rose's problem (and the bulls as a whole) is that they lack a second major scoring option. Their team is full of good complementary players who can play off of rose. When Derrick rose isn't playing or is guarded too heavily who do they have that can step in and take over the offensive workload? Luol Deng? Boozer? They need to bring in a second player this offseason that plays either the 2 or 3 so they can help him.


    Rose gets injured because he attacks the basket too much because he has to force the issue and score himself a majority of the time. He needs to be more selective with his drives and work on his jumper more. His fg% was atrocious this year.


    They need to offload cap by trading boozer/deng and bring in younger players who can score on their own

  4. Sorry guys ive been real busy lately. I can make a runetracker right now if you still want to do it. Or would you rather wait for next week.


    edit: future reference


    Runetracker is very t easy to use.


    Just go to the website, create clan competition, list all the names in the box. Pick a time on the right. UK time is 1hr ahead of GMT atm fyi.


    Update it at the beginning/ends of competitions.



  5. Over 10 members who ACTIVELY participate and I will put in money for a prize pot.

    no rune tracker up? didn't this start like... 5 hours ago?

    It starts at 12pm gmt on friday.


    I take it that Fish Flingers is not allowed??


    What about decorated fishing urns?

    Both are allowed. Fish flinger xp isnt that much (only like 22k @99) so we'll let it slide. This way you also won't bore yourselves to death with fishing.


    urns are allowed too.




    Participation is 200k xp+

  6. I'm sorry that I really have not been around much to update this guide. I've been fairly busy. If anybody wants to take over the following weeks, that would be great.


    I don't anticipate too many huge updates. Each week is just small stuff predicated on votes from the week before.

  7. Not a fan of the trade. I honestly would have preferred Detroit just keeping Calderon for a few more years. He cant least pass well and shoot at the right times. Now you have two chuckers in jennings/smith.


    Don't like where the Pistons are headed.

  8. Voting ends in approximately 10 hours. Right now it's down between Hunter/Agility.


    Please start posting your usernames if you want to participate so I can make the tracker soon.


    Username: Kaysie



    What are you planning on making the participation experience?


    Depends on the skill but generally I try to make it equivalent to 3-4 hours of training. I think agility is like 50k/hr so I would make it 150k or 200k. Idk hunter but same idea.




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