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  1. Lucas 2am

    R.I.P. Marlaine - A Great Runescape Blogger

    RIP. Used to check her blog every day back when I was still playing, was a pleasure to have known her blog..
  2. Lucas 2am


    Get a pet frog and be awesome :D
  3. Parenting logic: If it makes sense, it doesn't
  4. Lucas 2am


    Any idea what this thing is? It seems to have taken over my youtube and wikipedia's search bar... Looks seriously fishy/malware-ish...
  5. I found my sort of blades sword/sparks combo worked well on them. Also using shouts like fire breath or unrelenting force to move them quickly. Your level? I'm around 50 in my 1 week account, and they're being a pretty big pain in the butt haha
  6. My biggest problem is actually not draugr deathlords or elder dragons.. It's the forsworn briarhearts.. I'd get ko-ed in 2 hits, which is super annoying.. Now I go around carrying my legendary blade of woe, tonnes of sneak gear, 100 sneak + perks, invi potion for easier sneaking.. 30x damage = instant kill on almost anything.
  7. Lucas 2am

    Win7 Update

    Anyone else having probs with it? I can't log into my user since yesterday's update. The blue loading wheel thing just wont move.. After a few restarts, I went into safe mode and restored.. Managed to log in, but security essentials came up as "out of date" and I've been updating it for the past 30 minutes and it's still downloading.. Any advice?
  8. Lucas 2am

    some more hard to answer questions!!!!!!!

    how long is the contract? if cats can eat their own hair, so can human.. 2b is a pretty huge amount of money(provided you dont give 2b in currencies like yen/rupiah etc)...
  9. Lucas 2am

    What is cooler than a Santa hat?

    that pet of yours just ate what i'll earn if I play rs for the next 10 years....
  10. Lucas 2am


    Why on earth is ICE method testing my maths?!! Or just sadistic lecturers giving questions with weird numbers?
  11. Lucas 2am

    Not A Good Start To 2012

    Stay strong man.. And hold on to the positive thoughts.. Worrying and crying tonnes wouldn't help your dad at all... It'll just make him feel worse..
  12. Lucas 2am


    Probably will be a pretty tough year.. Entered it feeling depressed... Learnt my lesson, no more buying jeans after a week of festive eating.. Oh, and my dog just gave birth. 6 cute puppies for me to see the next time I can come home for a break :D Ok maybe 2012 won't be so bad after all... Happy new year everyone :)
  13. Lucas 2am

    How To Start A Flame War

    nice attempt 7/10, needs more spelling and grammar mistakes however BUt.. but... "crackabout" *Unlerns inglitch gremma*
  14. Lucas 2am

    How To Start A Flame War

    "Make a crackabout religion, either Christianity or Atheism" But atheists don't have a religion, so atheism can't be a religion!!! (Howz my progress?)
  15. Lucas 2am


    Wish my parents would let me preserve it and hang it somewhere in my room, but no, they got rid of it the moment they saw it

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