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  1. Davis Deere

    What Color Do You Use For Pm

    I'm going with Yellow
  2. Davis Deere

    Rate My Sig

    Heyyy rate my sig 1-10 plz
  3. Davis Deere

    R3m0v3 T3h F1lt3r

    Just don't swear i and it isn't a problem
  4. Davis Deere

    Modern Warfare Overrated?

    Just like any other Call of Duty, you wont be able to take your underwear off without hearing about it at first, then after 2 months no one talks about it
  5. Davis Deere

    Rate My Signature Please

    What do you think? 1-bad 10- good rate form 1-10 plz
  6. Davis Deere

    26k Trick?

    The 26k trick doesnt work anymore
  7. Davis Deere

    F2p Stuff To Do?

    raise mining it can be lucritive down the road
  8. Davis Deere

    Weildable Fishing Rods

    That would be great!
  9. Davis Deere

    Best Yew Spot

    I would take the spot near the ge
  10. Davis Deere

    Country Music Fans

    Hey country music fans! Please post your favorite song and who it's by. I'll start Boots On: Randy Houser
  11. Davis Deere


    try downlaoading it again
  12. Davis Deere


    If your a nonmember iron
  13. Davis Deere

    Signature Limits?

    Nice sig by the way =]
  14. Davis Deere

    An Easy Change

    I would love it personally it's very annoying and I hardly ever use it
  15. Davis Deere

    Favorite Worlds

    That's a good ide a I support
  16. Davis Deere


    for smithing just use the blast furnace and then use an anvil after you made all your bars
  17. Davis Deere

    What's Your Worst Funorb Game?

    Miner Disturbance
  18. Davis Deere

    Got Member. What Now?

    I would fletch that's what I did or buy some dragon armor so you fit in better
  19. Davis Deere

    Coal Or Iron?

    Coal is slower I'd go with iron
  20. Davis Deere

    Fix My Fail Please

    I would but new members can't post pictures I dont think
  21. Davis Deere

    Country Music Fans

    Tim McGraw--Still great song but not my favorite
  22. Davis Deere

    Skills That Can Be Done Together ?

    Mining and Smithing
  23. Davis Deere

    Greataxe For Woodcutting

    HAHAHA!!! That would be an interesting idea i'd love to see it =]
  24. Davis Deere

    Logging Out In Dungeoneering.

    i agree, I think it should be that you can go back in even if you are partying with yourself
  25. Davis Deere

    Resting In A Bed

    Sorry bad idea even if there were like flat pack bed's guys and girls would be lying down all over the place together and pretending to do dirty stuff

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