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  1. Epic_Domination

    Money And Combat

    easy!! lesh crawlers. 2nd floor security strong hold. they drop herbs/noted iron ore/runes(dust, fire, body, nature). just price check the herbs and only keep the ones that are 1k+. about an hour to fill up on herbs and stuff, but its about 140k per trip so its worth it. bring one lob because halfway through they will wear down the hp with their little hits. not on the second floor there are 2 good spots. one, right near the door is less popular because there are only 2 respawn spots for 2 flesh crawlers. the other one is better, some people say, because there are way more there, but the zombies can be very annoying.is is the best way to make money, unless you wanna get mems and do slayerr. haha =S
  2. Epic_Domination

    Question About The Hellcats

    ok, so i started recipe for disaster, like every place said i needed to. i am supposed to get some soup to start the evil dave sub-quest? can someone explain to me how to begin the sub quest so i can turn my overgrown cat into an overgrown hellcat?
  3. Epic_Domination

    Help! Lol Jk Its Not Urgent

    exactly. i was asking for the individual levels.
  4. Epic_Domination

    Help! Lol Jk Its Not Urgent

    does anyone know where a list of the minimal levels for each skill to be on hiscores is? if not can someone list them here? please, thaaanks.
  5. Epic_Domination

    Hunting Question

    what hunting equipment would i have to buy more then one of? (for example, stuff that when you use it, it's done) and what do I hunt and where and with what at level 1?
  6. Epic_Domination

    Need Your Opinion

    for my skills. should I do them until they are 99, or just until they are on hiscores? what did you do & what are the pros and cons?
  7. Epic_Domination

    Help Me Identify This

    what is this red egg.. and what does it do? thanks.
  8. Epic_Domination

    Help Me Identify This

    can someone tell me what those pants are? thanks. and if I cant get them at ge then, how?
  9. Epic_Domination

    Dawn Brigade!

    I would join, but the outfit is troubling. See, my awesome skiller outfit. So, naah.
  10. Epic_Domination

    Name Rating Game ~ !

    9 also Kinyajuu i think it was? What's that mean?
  11. Epic_Domination

    Name Rating Game ~ !

    basic game. *I couldn't find that this game was played before, so if it was, I'm sorry* Pretend that the username 'AmzingGuuuy' (RS name) posted above me. State name AmzingGuuuy I would rate: 3 of 10 Reason: Wow, conceited name.
  12. Epic_Domination


    can someone explain to me what dungeoneering is?
  13. Epic_Domination

    Best Skillcape Outfit

  14. Epic_Domination

    Skills That Can Be Done Together ?

    ok, so, Fishing & cooking can be done together. Woodcutting + firemaking/fletching Mining + Smithing But thats all the ones I know. Are there any others?
  15. Epic_Domination

    Fishing 99

    I'm 27 and doing fly fishing till 40. I think you should try to get as high as you want to go, (99) then you'll be able to fish for money. Though its my opinion.

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