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  1. Caboose

    Peta Is Making Rule 34

    This springs to mind...
  2. Caboose

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Yeah... you see, i'd love to join you with that, but i have my controls set up in a really awkward way, and now 'escape' opens my inventory so i can't pause it to change them (headdesk) :(
  3. Caboose

    How Far Over Can You Go?

    Are we talking mph, kph or m/s? And generally you can get away with 2 over, but it's always the speed cameras that get you...
  4. Caboose

    Steve Jobs Resigns As Ceo Of Apple

    Interesting, but i wouldn't read that as 'you need a computer'. Internet Access at the library would fulfil that. A computer is very different to an iPad though, as many people 'need' one to earn money.
  5. Caboose

    Favorite Mission/level From Any Game

    I don't know, the Halo CE hog run was pretty epic... but yeah, i have to say that doing Annual was perhaps the best experience i've had in a game :D Dude!!!! We did it together!! Do ya remember that? It was you, me, Will, and Scotsfan. I think my router died about an hour and a half in the first time we did it and we all had to restart. :D Was that annual? Or was that the ODST last level thing... that crashed and we just gave up on? Because i remember doing the last level of Halo 3 with some random people from the Bungie forums :D Either way, we should definitely do it again some time, i still don't have recon :P
  6. Caboose

    Favorite Mission/level From Any Game

    I don't know, the Halo CE hog run was pretty epic... but yeah, i have to say that doing Annual was perhaps the best experience i've had in a game :D
  7. Caboose

    Steve Jobs Resigns As Ceo Of Apple

    I'd really like to hear your reasoning behind this. who the fudge needs a giant itouch? i'll admit it does have some nice apps, but honestly, unless apple does something to make it good(flash and java support plz), it is pointless. Obviously the millions that buy them do. Lol. I can tell you with 100% confidence right now that not a single human being needs an iPad.
  8. Caboose

    Nerdiest Poll Yet?

    Why not - being bored as anything with nothing else to do this holiday i've been watching a few documentaries and reading articles on the history of manned space flight. So here goes; what's your favourite manned spaceship (that's actually flown)? :P A quick roundup, in chronological order of first flight: Vostok Where it all began - Vostok was the craft that took Yuri Gagarin on his legendary first flight, and orbit round the Earth - a capability the US wouldn't have for nearly a year. Vostok was designed to be flown automatically or from the ground, since nobody was sure how humans would be able to function in the weightlessness of space, however a code to unlock manual control was placed in an envelope in the cabin for use in case of emergency. Yuri's teacher told him prior to the flight to use it anyway :( Mercury America's first attempt at manned space flight - smaller than the Vostok and initially without a window due to not having as powerful a launch vehicle as the Russians at that point and needing to cut down on weight. Mercury put the first American in space and later in orbit, but like the Vostok it was somewhat limited in it's capabilities - once separated from the launch vehicle it's path was pretty much set in stone. All the pilot could do was rotate the craft and fire the retro rockets to leave orbit. Each Mercury capsule was named by the astronaut that flew it, and the name preceded by the number '7' to recognise the spirit of teamwork in the project. Gemini Affectionately christened the "Gusmobile" after Gus Grissom jumped out of his Mercury capsule, looked at the flight schedule and said "My God, we are not going to have that many flights! I'm going to go up to St. Louis and play with Gemini." Because of his influence in it's design and creation something NASA initially intended to be merely something to bridge the gap between Mercury and Apollo became known as the pilots spacecraft - where the astronaut wasn't just a spare part but was integral to it's operation. It could do far more than anything before it - navigate, rendezvous with other objects on orbit, use that to achieve apogees higher than anything flying today and allow astronauts to complete the first space-walks. There were even proposals to use Gemini to go to the moon for 1/20th of the cost of Apollo, but because of it's somewhat cramped crew section and the fact that they had the funding they wanted NASA was married to it's next project... Soyuz First launched in 1967 the Russian Soyuz capsule has a very unique claim to fame - it's still in use today. Known as the workhorse of the industry, Soyuz is probably the most reliable spaceship ever created. It has everything it needs to do whatever's asked of it (including, for the first time, a proper toilet), and not a single thing more. It can carry out almost any mission in LEO, and with the right booster it could even go further, as was the initial plan to take it to the moon. It never realized that dream, unfortunately, and with RosCosmos announcing that manned spaceflight is no longer a priority for them Soyuz looks destined to live out it's days ferrying crewmen and women, Cosmonauts and Astronauts (and others) alike to and from the ISS. In it's long lifetime it has racked up countless records, many of which probably won't be broken for a very long time. Apollo A familiar sight to all of humanity, the Apollo crafts did something that had never been done before and still (42 years later :D) hasn't been done since: landed a man on the moon. Perhaps the single greatest achievement in all of human history, Apollo required a launch vehicle like no other - the mighty Saturn V, itself being the most powerful machine ever built by man. To make Apollo a success required the knowledge and determination of some of the worlds best minds, but what is sometimes forgotten is that the Apollo CSM outlived it's initial purpose (which was cut short by three missions due to the fickleness of the general public :D) and was used in the groundbreaking Skylab project, a massive space station that perhaps even the ISS can't rival in terms the size of a single space since it was essentially an emptied out Saturn fuel tank. And later it was used for Apollo-Soyuz, a mission which saw the US and the Soviet Union working together at a time when both nations had most likely thousands of nuclear missiles aimed at each other. That's something only space travel could achieve. Space Shuttle Perhaps i'm reopening some very recent wounds here, but here we have the worlds first reusable spaceship; NASA's Space Shuttle - for most the face of manned space flight. What she lacked in range she made up for a thousand times over in versatility and (dare i say it? :D) bite the back of your hand gorgeous looks. Responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries of the last century, she has left her legacy in the form of the ISS. Maybe i'm just overly emotional, but what more is there to say that we don't all already know? Buran Maybe a strange choice to put here, since it didn't have any manned missions, but i think it deserves a mention. Buran - the Soviet Union's answer to the Space Shuttle. Not even scratching the surface of it's potential in one unmanned test flight, Buran was technically superior to the Shuttle in many ways, not the least of which being that the Energia boosters had the capability to launch independent of the orbiter with a mahoosive payload capability challenging that of the Saturn V in mass and beating it in physical size. Alas, since the fall of Communism Buran has been considered too expensive to continue with, and has been largely forgotten about, the orbiters left to rot and serve as unique restaurants or be destroyed in hangar collapses. That's no way for something that was built, with love, to dance with the stars to go. So Buran - for all the lost possibilities. Tears in the rain.
  9. All Apologies - Nirvana Something by Dolly Collins? Part One - Mike Oldfield :( Then all the floyd stuff :D It's worth noting that i sole this library from my dad :P
  10. Caboose

    Nerdiest Poll Yet?

    Best line ever Of course, you know the line Shepherd had at the same point. "Don't mess this up." But he didn't say mess :(
  11. Caboose

    Sat Scores

    I believe i got top marks in both of them (Year 6 and Year 9) although i did the Year 9 ones a year early... which just happened to be the year before they were cancelled :(
  12. Caboose

    Nerdiest Poll Yet?

    The Shuttle had a sound suppresion system too, that's what the giant water towers are for. You let the water drop just before launch and the water sprays out under the pad, like a giant epic sprinkler. The water droplets absorb the energy of the sound and stop it from echoing on the various surfaces then back to the rockets where it could cause damage (and did on the early Shuttle missions). /fun fact of the day from Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections :(
  13. Caboose

    Nerdiest Poll Yet?

    Ah, of course - forgot about that. It came up when i was reading up on Sergei Korolev, where Voskhod was one of the few Russian designs not incepted by him, but it didn't say that it actually flew, just that it was a proposal to follow on from Vostok. So i guess that can come under 'other' :(
  14. Caboose

    Nerdiest Poll Yet?

    Right, who voted other? Explain :D I went for Gemini, purely because of it's efficiency - being able to do so much with so little. Engineers loved it because it had such a low mass too :(
  15. I often have dozens of tabs open, quite a few always there like forums, Facebook, Youtube, maybe email and the rest just anything i'm researching. Thing is if i'm reading an article i always pick on on bits i want to read more into, copy and paste it into google and go back, but by the time i've done that twice it just looks like a mess, i go all OCD and go on a massive closing spree to make it tidy again and end up not reading half the stuff i wanted to.
  16. Caboose

    A Level Results

    I only have the results for two modules to collect, so i didn't think it was worth going in really. I can just get them on GCSE results day anyway :(
  17. http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/15/breaking-...r-12-5-billion/ Could turn out to be a good move actually, Motorola can still make great phones that are priced well - just look at the Defy. Hopefully with Google ownership they'll stop putting on that horrible motoblur interface :(
  18. Caboose

    Loading Problems

    I think that's a different problem altogether, adam. But thanks for the update Egg. :(
  19. Caboose

    Loading Problems

    Is the last post info updating for everyone else? Eg. the last post in the Tattoos thread was actually made by jack-nicholson at 03:30 AM today (it's now 5:20 PM), and the post in Tech Support by Arianna was made yesterday at 10:20 PM. It's like it's stuck at one point in time or something...
  20. Caboose

    This Is Why I Hate Apple

    http://notch.tumblr.com/post/9038258448/he...ets-settle-this Now that is how you settle disagreements :(
  21. Yeah, may not look like much to you lot but by god, coming from a half meg download on a good day this is like lightning. Virgin i hate you. O2 i love you :(
  22. Caboose

    Soft Or Hard?

    Would anyone stop eating soft tacos if from now on you thought of them as flaccid tacos? You can thank me for that later. So... like a wrap but you get half the filling everywhere? In which case soft, else i don't see how you'd not get all the filling everywhere.
  23. Caboose

    Soft Or Hard?

    What even is a taco?
  24. Caboose

    Have You Ever Met A Celebrity?

    Dylan Moran is a god, buy him a pint now :(

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