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  1. Flame Curse

    High School Starts In A Month

    I graduated in June.
  2. Flame Curse

    High School Starts In A Month

    Well, I haven't blogged in about 7 months about school, well I passed 8th grade and going on into high school, sounds better. and easier.
  3. The Auras aren't so bad, but what's the point of waiting 3-4 hours just to use it again?
  4. Flame Curse


    This makes me glad that i never botted...
  5. Flame Curse

    Death Hats, Draynor And Upgrades

    Love the new emote! Hope to see another good update this month. :D
  6. Flame Curse

    Account Banned?!?!?

    I'm not being negative, but if you get hacked that's your own fault/doing, you shouldn't have downloaded that bot from that "advertiser" you heard in Lumbridge. Or another reason is that you bought gold from a random website.
  7. Flame Curse

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The Fifth Elder Scrolls is scheduled to be released on November 11th, 2011. Discuss the next The Elder Scrolls here: Skyrim. EDIT: Oh, i didn't know there was another thread like this, Mod please Lock
  8. I'm not sure any of you remember me, but last year of Summer 2010 i was very active in this forum. And i want to show you most of my good times. Enjoy
  9. Flame Curse

    Runecrafting Help

    Nice, copy exactly what I just said. I'm just trying to help him, he might actually use it since a lot of people are saying it.
  10. Flame Curse

    Balmung Is Epic.

    It can only be used on Dagganoths, so ya.
  11. Flame Curse

    Good Ways Of Making Money? P2p?

    But i don't have 80 dungeoneering for that, or whatever you need. i heard snake killing was good, i might try it
  12. Flame Curse

    Runecrafting Help

    The Great Orb Project is the best way to make runecraft XP
  13. Flame Curse

    Good Ways Of Making Money? P2p?

    I got my old membership back, and all the fishing resources went down, and woodcutting is just useless now because of bots. I don't even know how to make money because of the wilderness (not complaining) but What are p2p ways of makin money.
  14. Flame Curse

    Capes Of Distinction

    I got the classic cape and that's about it.
  15. Flame Curse

    I'm Back And I Need Some Money

    I haven't gotten on rs since like december and i see that the free wildy and trade came back, lowering all the prices of all the items i made money with, and i see that fishing and woodcutting and useless now because of the botters. are there any other ways to make money?

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