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  1. For further magic shows, contact Yuanrang at 555-IBAN-YOU. He is a real hit at Children's parties!
  2. Sax

    Favorite emoticon

    Thinking about reminded me that friky is somewhere out in the world without a log spammer 4 lyfe bro to aid him in his journey. Also feels. ...it might interest you to know I had a 3 year (or something) 'hiatus' at one point. He gets it. This topic is great in my books. Way better than those... other abominations Wub woo two weelshoo I would assume it is because this guy has not been foolish enough to do what sk8skull did. Though if you see Sax break the rules, feel free to report it so action can be taken. Until that occurs, you should not be pointing fingers. That is never a smart thing to do. :) My favourite smiley would have to be: ...now i'm interested, what exactly did sk8skull do?
  3. [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@ aka secksievilcow Also i'm one years old today, feel free to get me some diapers or something that I definitely won't be passing on to lilshu for fetish related reasons
  4. Sax

    Favorite emoticon

    is og but makes me moist. Yeah I seriously came back to make a post on the forums just because I want to copy paste an emote.
  5. Has anyone ever actually not ever eaten bacon? I haven't.
  6. I don't even know how to respond to this. uwotm8? This guy.
  7. DyE - Fantasy showed up in my recommended videos on youtube. Should I be concerned? Also congrats sal's, more than 100 posts today. I'm thoroughly appoint with everyone.
  8. Sax

    Let's Talk about Spiders

    My favorite kind of spider is the one that just doesn't exist.
  9. Sax

    Scumbag Sal

    Eenope. I got nudes from three different chicks in the past week. THE GAME GENTLEMEN.
  10. Sax

    Mods are asleep post erfrap

    You should've quick peeked then brah. If poni really makes you that upset, why didn't you just, you know, close the tab the second you realized what it is? You realize you're getting upset over a couple seconds of your life being taken away, right? Do you complain every time a thread doesn't live up to your expectations, or is it not that you're annoyed so much as just dislike ponies and wants to be upset about it?
  11. Sax

    Mods are asleep post erfrap

    ^ For the record this is horrifying and it's an actual thing. People ship this and they ship it hard. Thanks to certain boards, the amount of ponies on drugs content is obscenely large. >Never disputed that >Never cared for the approval of you I never asked for this >Sees dead forum (there haven't even been 200 posts today, I know forums that see 10x that amount yet are considered dying) >Starts injecting life into it with silly shenanigans >Success := 1; >Butthurt from Admiral >Success++; What should I do next... Edit: Admiral is plothurt Edit2: success is being used for some trinary algebra. Deal with it. its run dmc not cmc You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day. >Comes into a pony thread >Complains that this is why bronies are annoying >Voluntarily came here Excuse me while I laugh at you.
  12. Minus that whole "any time saved in performance is lost to a UI that was designed for tablets." No, it's not worth the upgrade unless you have a tablet. Even with things like Classic Shell, the OS is a complete step backwards and I can only venture a guess as to who at MIcrosoft thought this colossal screw up was a good idea. Also the changes made to Why they didn't just make a tablet and a not tablet edition, I have literally no idea. It's literally all they needed to do to make Win8 Win7 2.0. Perhaps it's this sort of logical thought and ability to comprehend that users telling you your UI ideas should have been abandoned long ago that will ensure that i'm never a higher up in Microsoft. Here's looking forward to Win9. I hope you realize just how stupid you sound with a statement like that. Not only do you boot faster but if you have half a brain and can set up the start screen with apps you use most often; ie: how you would set up your desktop its actually faster than booting into the desktop... I experimented a bit with Win8. Whatever time I was saving was spent doing extra annoying things here and there that I wouldn't have to do in Windows 7. Even if I were saving time, the fact was that I was getting frustrated which is never a good thing. The boot time advantage is a fairly moot point seeing as I can go do other things in that overall meager time span. I'll be waitin' for 9 when Microsoft starts to realize they screwed up and need more money to cover up for the wasted R&D on this Vista rehash. They did not make a desktop version because they wanted to unify the experience across Microsoft products. Look at an Xbox, a Windows Phone, a Windows 8 tablet and a Windows 8 PC - what do they have in common? The UI. I honestly think this UI looks really nice, but I haven't actually gotten the chance to properly use it yet. Also, it's not generally the companies that have spoken out against Windows 8 in general; it's specific people who have spoken out against certain aspects of the platform. Gabe Newell was complaining about Windows 8 moving to a walled garden approach, not about the OS itself. iOS and OS X have very similar UIs but they're not the same and they sure as hell haven't modified OS X to be a tablet OS and thrown it on iPads when the vast majority of their users are distinctly NOT tablet users. It is one incredibly sad day when I have to point to what Apple does as what Microsoft should be doing.

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