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  1. Engineering keeps me very busy. Hope I can return in summer, miss everyone!

    1. Bwauder


      Still working on those driverless cars?

    2. Sobend


      I forgot you lived in the southern hemisphere.

    3. Nitua


      Go build some bridges, or something.

  2. Last 3 weeks of uni. I'll be back soon!

  3. This semesters power level is over 9000. Miss scaping :(

    1. Nitua


      Yeah... This is gonna be a tough year

  4. Gf Paraguay

  5. 2 more exams and I'll be back to haunt everyone on a daily basis.

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    2. Nitua


      Well I guess I'll be quitting then.... JK :p

    3. Sobend


      Now's the time to switch to tip.it I guess.

    4. Jna


      Guess I'll go to another fansite where they want me :(

  6. Ofc login servers go down the weekend I come back.

  7. Not as active as I'd like to. Still getting used to new life. I'll be back soon.

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    2. Arianna


      ^ totally this

    3. Jna


      I demand my cooking gauntlets. Unfortunately bxp doesn't work irl :P

    4. Bwauder


      if in doubt RL has special Spell Books full of "recipes". Pro tip: Some ingredient substitutions are possible.

  8. I'm off on a trip till 31st, bye Sals! Merry Christmas to everyone!

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    2. Supersal69
    3. Army of One

      Army of One

      Did you Max at the party?? Laters man have a mean trip and a good Christmas (:

    4. Renegaderp


      Bai Jna! Merry Xmas!

  9. Stupid internet

  10. Complicated week. I didn't forget about everyone, I'll be back on sat :P

    1. Renegaderp


      JNA!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!

    2. Nitua


      Nice of you to not forget about a major part of your life in the span of a week. :) <3


  11. Fudge my router was hacked

    1. tea pls

      tea pls

      Okay i'll release you i guess...

    2. Bwauder


      dam CIA can't stay out of anything

  12. After 24 years, can't believe it.


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