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  1. Bonus xp:

    Strength: 6,350

    Defence: 121,970

    Prayer: 17,159

    Runecrafting: 95,229

    Dungeoneering: 57,397

    Agility: 46,821

    Crafting: 116,350

    Slayer: 123,321

    Hunter: 20,632

    Divination: 32,658

    Fishing: 14,355

    Cooking: 18,107

    Summoning: 82,578


    Edit: Got 1153k xp with aura so subtract 576k.

  2. As somebody who isn't that knowledgeable I don't quite understand why UEFA hasn't just threatened to leave. A world cup without Europe would just be like the South American cup unless other continents have gotten much better. The situation is disgusting, and Qatar should never have been chosen.

    I think that UEFA already threatened to leave if Blatter wins/doesn't resign. Not sure if they're willing to go that far, but if they do it would certainly kill FIFA.

  3. I'm not sure what will happen with Qatar. Guess it depends on what happens tomorrow. If Blatter wins It probably wont change.

    So glad someone finally did something. Hopefully it will help fix our problems too, since our government doesn't seem to care much.

  4. Started cooking for myself earlier this year and I'm terrible at it. My problem is mostly with the cooking itself and not the prices. Already found some nice cheap places. Trying to get my parents to buy me a nice freezer to save some more money.


    Not sure how much I spend per month, economy is so screwed up it's hard to calculate :P

  5. Thought this wasn't happening for a few months. Anyone know if the other browsers have plans to do the same thing?


    This is sort of annoying, not sure if I should install a new browser or download the clients (I would need to download two, one for 07 and one for 3).

    I've always had better performance on client than on any browser, so I'd recommend installing it.


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