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  1. Engineering keeps me very busy. Hope I can return in summer, miss everyone!

    1. Bwauder


      Still working on those driverless cars?

    2. Sobend


      I forgot you lived in the southern hemisphere.

    3. Nitua


      Go build some bridges, or something.

  2. Last 3 weeks of uni. I'll be back soon!

  3. This semesters power level is over 9000. Miss scaping :(

    1. Nitua


      Yeah... This is gonna be a tough year

  4. Gf Paraguay

  5. Heard good things about it so I may go see it later this week.
  6. Jna

    Skill Competition 100 - Overall

    Bonus xp: Strength: 6,350 Defence: 121,970 Prayer: 17,159 Runecrafting: 95,229 Dungeoneering: 57,397 Agility: 46,821 Crafting: 116,350 Slayer: 123,321 Hunter: 20,632 Divination: 32,658 Fishing: 14,355 Cooking: 18,107 Summoning: 82,578 Edit: Got 1153k xp with aura so subtract 576k.
  7. Jna

    Skill Competition 100 - Overall

    I'll be home this weekend so sign me up!
  8. Yay a new quest, looking forward to it. The slayer belt and new dragons also look very nice.
  9. 2 more exams and I'll be back to haunt everyone on a daily basis.

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    2. Nitua


      Well I guess I'll be quitting then.... JK :p

    3. Sobend


      Now's the time to switch to tip.it I guess.

    4. Jna


      Guess I'll go to another fansite where they want me :(

  10. Jna

    Kingdom management Q

    I'd suggest putting the remaining 5 either on mining or herbs, since those give the most profit at the moment.
  11. Jna

    Kingdom management Q

    I'm pretty sure they still take cash even if they're on idle, unless it changed very recently. The only way to avoid getting charged is removing all the money from coffers.
  12. Jna

    World Cup 2022

    Never expected this, thought he'd go directly to jail. Wonder why he didn't just drop out of the elections tho.
  13. Jna

    World Cup 2022

    I think that UEFA already threatened to leave if Blatter wins/doesn't resign. Not sure if they're willing to go that far, but if they do it would certainly kill FIFA.
  14. Jna

    World Cup 2022

    I'm not sure what will happen with Qatar. Guess it depends on what happens tomorrow. If Blatter wins It probably wont change. So glad someone finally did something. Hopefully it will help fix our problems too, since our government doesn't seem to care much.
  15. Jna

    Skill Competition 97 - Magic

    I'll be able to play this weekend so sign me up whatever the outcome.
  16. Jna

    How to eat cheaply

    Started cooking for myself earlier this year and I'm terrible at it. My problem is mostly with the cooking itself and not the prices. Already found some nice cheap places. Trying to get my parents to buy me a nice freezer to save some more money. Not sure how much I spend per month, economy is so screwed up it's hard to calculate :P
  17. Sounds like a good idea. It'd incentive people to have avatar out in more situations. Regarding the previous post, It would probably have to depend on the users summoning level and the pouch he/she sacrifices. I've heard that the code regarding clans is totally messed up, hope this can be done.
  18. Jna

    Six left

    Congrats! Almost there.
  19. Jna

    200 million rings.

    Ooh congrats! What's next? :P
  20. Jna

    Skill Competition 94 - Thieving

    Subtract 25k xp from me, cause of bonus xp.
  21. Jna

    Skill Competition 94 - Thieving

    I'll be able to play this weekend so sign me up, I'll try to get participation xp atleast :P
  22. Jna

    Spring Cleaner poll

    I've had spring cleaner since it came out and don't think I even used it. Should work on that :P
  23. Congrats!!! Wish I could join you :P
  24. Jna

    Thanks Har-Aken :)

    You're not allowed to be so lucky. Grats!!!

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