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  1. cjgone

    League Of Legends

    Why does half of everyone in LoL scream at me to switch lanes and "gtfo out my lane, i'm good yo" when I play as Ashe?
  2. cjgone


    I split my studying over a couple of days. The first day I skim everything to make sure I don't have any gaping holes in my knowledge. The next one or two days is studying portions of what I need to know (one or two days depending on how much I need to study).
  3. cjgone

    Sat Scoring

    I hope you took it before 2005. Actually most schools didn't care about writing when I applied, in 2008-9 so not necessarily. @OP If you're worried about how your scores compare, do what Lishu said. It really depends on what school you're looking at and what major you're going for. But, if you want to have a SAT penis size contest (which this appears to have descended into) enjoy! To add to that, SAT/ACT scores aren't everything. Ivies and schools like Caltech/MIT turn people down with perfect scores and accept people with less than perfect scores all the time. The rest of your application is just as important, and interviews may be the most important of all. Scores are useless actually. No one cares once your in college. It's your GPA that matters. You can have your awesome score and people with lower can still get higher grades than you. Happens all the time, in fact.
  4. cjgone

    Modern Rock Discussion

    PEARL JAM. Love the first three albums. Really annoyed I'm not going to be able to go to any of their Europe tour concerts next year, exams getting in the way. :( Ten is awesome. Vs. is also good, haven't heard Vitalogy yet! Yeah, I've listened to In Absentia. Blackest Eyes has a super awesome guitar riff. :D Do you like The Mars Volta?
  5. cjgone

    Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

    Men tend to overestimate women's desire: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2011/12/15/...36191323932401/
  6. cjgone

    Modern Rock Discussion

    Any Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, or Soundgarden fans here?
  7. cjgone

    Sat Scoring

    Looks like we got a bad ass over here.
  8. cjgone

    Sat Scoring

    It's better than the average test taker but will not get you into any top colleges (top 50, etc.). I don't think you could take the SAT in 2 hours though. You should also try the ACT as well.
  9. cjgone

    Music Recommendations Thread

    RHCP is good. I recently purchased Blood Sugar Sex Magik, and am going to be buying Californication sometime nearby in the future. I've tried listening to GodSpeed You! Black Emperor but didn't really get it. Will try again though. Most of my post-rock collection revolves around Isis, Red Sparowes, and Agalloch.
  10. cjgone

    College Essay

    Have you programmed anything before? You could talk about your interest in software. Or talk about what you want to do in engineering (build a robot, etc.).
  11. cjgone

    Metal Thread

    'Nuff said.
  12. cjgone

    Metal Thread

    Any progressive metal fans here (Opeth, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Symphony X, BTBAM, THA, Cynic)?
  13. cjgone

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Spectre with red dot sight + another attachment is surprisingly good because its raise time is very low, not requiring sleight of hand pro.
  14. cjgone

    Music Recommendations Thread

    How is FFDP thrash? Playing like 5 guitar chords doesn't make thrash metal. Yeah, I don't really know. I don't listen to thrash a lot, it just sounded like that to me. Sorry :( Thrash is more like Master of Puppets - Metallica.
  15. cjgone

    Most Anticipated Albums

    This. 10char

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