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  1. Demora

    Player Owned Houses!

    Player owned houses...sounds good. Jagex will get more attention now. Looks like they've moved from the sandbox to the playset... Hmm...oh WOW the 'construction' skill, impressive....great job Jagex, upon the reinforcing of the Nation's borders, you made an update dedicated to it! You can now me a BEANER in a 2 PIXEL VIDEO GAME...go Jagex, might as well make a new quest called "border control" and a mini-game called "border jumping"
  2. Demora

    Rune Essence Adjustment

    Does this effect the prices of deaths as well? If so, can I get a quick price check? I kinda hope they didn't change for the worst
  3. 2/10 I was one of the first ppl to see the new forum, that's bout all :/
  4. Holy hell I was the person to start this topic?! sweet... 5/10 for both
  5. Headliner, I give your Signature/banner a 10/10. The last one is so true. Your avatar is cool, thought I have no clue what it is, so 7/10
  6. Oh that's mean. I woulda given you higher, like a 5 or 6, but cause of that, you get a big fat 1 for all three! -_-
  7. Rate on a scale of 1-10 how good you think someones signature, banner(s), or avater is. :) I hope i get above a 2...

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