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  1. Wow... So I've just spent maybe 10 or 15 minutes on here, looking back at this incredible community, having been gone for years and... Here I am in tears remembering how much this place means to me. Any of you folks who were around back then, thank you so much for having such an incredibly profound, wonderful impact on my life. I love you all so much!
  2. Evin290

    Hapy Birthday Evin290

    I missed you guys too
  3. Evin290


    While I appreciate your scrutiny, I was just trying to be succinct.
  4. Evin290


    Yes, but that sort of relief is extremely temporary and is not actually a solution - it simply causes more problems. I'm not saying that I don't understand why people do it, or that people "shouldn't be allowed" -- but I really think there is always a solution that is better than self-harm, and that morally speaking, it does nothing but damage, despite the fleeting psychological relief a person may experience.
  5. Evin290


    Ah, but that entirely depends on this person outsmarting everyone around him, and completely containing the overwhelming impulse to seek help. Which I would say most people do not manage for very long. Except inflicting physical pain on oneself isn't functioning normally.
  6. Evin290

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Very good read. He makes solid points indeed.
  7. Evin290


    Altruism and empathy are the chains of cruelty that bind us together. A man's life is his own, he need not be concerned with what others want him to do. Whether or not empathy is bad or good does not change whether it exists. And the fact that it does exist means that self-harm will inevitably cause harm to others. So, if the person inflicting it upon himself is cruelly chained by empathy as well, he should stop for the sake of those he loves.
  8. Evin290


    Self-harm is a misnomer. It doesn't just harm yourself, it harms everyone who cares about you.
  9. Evin290

    Animal Experimentation

    Just something -- people can sign up to be tested on. Animals have no way of consenting to experimentation. So ethically speaking, experimenting on humans is much more easily justifiable.
  10. Evin290

    Homosexual...thingy In Religion

    So because Adam and Eve were heterosexual, that means God must have intended everybody to be? Adam and Eve were probably African, does that mean Caucasians are immoral by nature? They spoke a different language than we did, they probably didn't dress very decently, etc... Just because God created Adam for Eve and Eve for Adam doesn't mean that He created every man for some woman and every woman for some man. What makes you so sure that God doesn't create gay people for one another the same way He creates heterosexual people that way?
  11. Evin290

    Homosexual...thingy In Religion

    Well, it is one of the five books of Moses, and there is a small group of people that believe Moses himself received these books directly from God. But if you look at the texts linguistically speaking, it is easy to tell that they were written by a varying group of people.
  12. Evin290

    Homosexual...thingy In Religion

    Now -- you see -- this is where you go completely wrong. "god" says no such thing -- "Leviticus" (if that is even who actually wrote the text itself) isn't "god", and the text itself is likely somewhat circumspect. Not to mention the obvious fact that Leviticus does not have the authority to determine "sins", but rather he sets downs a series of "commandments" or "laws". Ultimately, Leviticus' writings are nothing more than a series of rules and regulations, set down as modifiers of human behaviour, as a means of managing or controlling certain aspects of the community. "Leviticus" writes a lot of other things which were also deemed "laws" in his time, thousands of years ago. I suggest that you see my earlier post. All of these old laws are clearly contrary to modern living. We no longer punish people for eating shellfish, nor is the handling the skin of a pig punishable by death. We no longer sell our children into slavery. Clearly, these ridiculous old laws are not applicable to society in the 21st century. The same applies to homosexuality. I agree with what you're saying, but Leviticus isn't a person. >___< It's the Greek name for the book that means "relative to the Levites", which are members of the Hebrew tribe of Levi. >___<
  13. Evin290


    Very well put. I agree totally. The strategy to keep kids away from drugs shouldn't be to scare them out of their minds or to turn them self-righteous about it. It should be presented honestly, because that's the only way that they can decide for themselves, for real, if they want to do it it.
  14. I propose an international straight beating up and harassing event. That would be quite amative. ;)
  15. Evin290

    Homosexual...thingy In Religion

    Lol, I actually never have. That's assuming sex's only role in the world is procreation. Which it definitely isn't, or else you'd consider it immoral for infertile heterosexuals to have sex. You clearly don't know anything about it. Very good response to that guy.

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