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  1. Sayf

    Green D'hide Bodies

    10 seconds
  2. Sayf

    Green D'hide Bodies

    Ok so my question is...what is the buying/selling limit in g ex per 4 hours for the green d'hide bodies.... I just bought 600, so i know its not counted as armour... anyone has an answer?
  3. Ok atm, I'm member and i have like 40 days left...let's say i wanna keep some member stuff like...charms, defender, etc..member objects to sum it up. If i make a tab for those member objects..will i still be able to use the 68 f2p spots?
  4. ....around the world and now im back AGAIN! So ya, i'm back in Rs and...I got membership back too :o after 1 and a half year of f2p/inactiveness :P I got it because I wasnt to get 70+ in all my skills ^^ we will see if i can make it lol >.< The Beginning: I started the first day by playing some castle wars and some Soul wars..which means i bought whip and msb as soon as i landed on a member's world...and if i wanted to sell my whip, i would make 700k lol :o . I then did some quests to get Ava's accumulator because i've always liked range and having something that collects ur arrows is just GENIUS! =P I then went to my kingdom to make some money!! I decided to get 10 workers on flax and 5 workers on coal. With the 75k invested per day, i am able to get 1250 flax which are worth 145-150k and keep the 273 coals in my bank for later ^^ I finally crafted 30 rings of dueling and 30 game necklaces because i know i will need them later lol. The Training: I started with Hunter, i had to get it up from 55 to 70. I did Chinchompas from 55-59, then moved to red salamanders. It was fun but it requires a lot of focus XD and a lot of clicking to manage all traps lol :P had it within the first 4 days i think :P I also did some Imp hunting trip and i made quite a lot of money with it =O Little trips but it all adds up to a nice total ^^ Next on my list was Thieving, I decided i'd try blackjacking and it was fun and fast :D made some money with it lol...200k if i recall :D After i got 70 thieving, i decided i'd go get 70 agility at wildy course. Revenants scared the crap out of me when i was there..but i got some mad reflexes and i was able to survive the whole way to 70 As you can notice i decided to train all skills that don't require money first so i can use them if i wanna make money-sinks easier or cheaper to train =P Next skill on the list was 70 slayer =D so i stopped to get some food first...i had 400 trouts in the bank from f2p training so i decided to keep those as bank healing. I went to the fishing guild to fish 200 lobsters and 100 sharks, i then sold those to buy 700 tunas and 300 monkfish =P Im still slaying and 1 lvl away from dust devils and a dragon chain maybe? :o I got from 75- to 80 def and from 80 to 81 ranged along the way ^^ The Money Skills: The first one is Herblore. Herblore is going to be an easy one this time because slayer gave me 4m worth of herb and supplies which are sitting in my bank :D I might need to buy or farm some more but it shouldnt be a problem..if i need some exp, quests will give it to me and it will be a reason for me to do some questing :P Prayer: Im using drag tasks to collect d bones and im using them in ecto to get the max exp out of them, im 65 atm and i will also be using quests to get some cheap exp ^^ If i need to, i will go fight some more dragons or even buy them bones when and if the prices go down :P Construction: Oak logs price are freaking high!!!!!!!! so i'm not planning on doing this soon lol :P imma wait a little, buy the logs, run to sawmill with balloons myself so i can save some money =P Farming: Farming is easy. Farming is fun. Farming is AWESOME! Ill do some tree runs and herb runs and i might try Vinesweeper to see if i can get a lot of exp with it Runecrafting: I havent decided if i gonna use double cosmics or nats to get this lvl =P Summoning: This is the big issue because i was 1 when i started this membership :P I did the quest and then used charms to get 10 summoning. I then killed some spiders to get enough pouches until 17 summon and i used those to make 2k spider eggs lol i then did some spirit mosquitos and it was freaking annoying to get proboscis so i did Sprit of summer to get until 23 and used lamps to get to 25 lol. I decided im not gonna use the charms i'm getting from slayer on these low lvl and keep them all for later. I made a list of all skills that can give me choosable exp and im doing them all and giving them all to summon lol... Ddiary lamps are also going in summoning lol. Im guessing imma be in the 50's or 60's then imma use my charms until 65 and finally use Wgs lamps to get it to 70 =D Thats it for now lol...ill try to update this as much as possible lol
  5. Sayf

    Training Help

    i would definitely train strength on Flesh crawlers because they dont hit high, you should bring some cakes or tuna+. If u find that they are hitting you way too much, i would try training on minotaurs and picking up the iron arrows and using them to train range. I would suggest hill giants, You can make quite a lot of money by selling the big bones ^^
  6. Sayf

    60-70 Prayer

    since u dont have ur own altar...u will need to find a really steady house party on world 31 in order to train efficiently. Ecto is a little cheaper, but its also slower =D If you want, you could also try Pest control or soul wars =P
  7. I suggest u start with the ankous, then move to the catapeblons etc...so that if ur lucky and get the ankou part without wasting too much food..u can go up to catapeblons and kill them some more and then go to flesh crawlers and minotaurs (i dont think you will need food for minotaurs) (Bring explorer ring for a teleport without taking space in the inv ^^ Also, a str pot would help at the catapeblons since they will lower ur str -.-
  8. Sayf


    sweet =D are u going to use those ores for smithing now? =P
  9. Sayf

    Horror From The Deep

    I suggest a mage outfit with dhide vambs for a little bonus, msb and dds. You will be maging most of the time, pay attention to when you should whip out ur dds and spec away ^^ same thing with msb. outfit should be like: Farseer helm, Mystic top, Mystic Bottom (or splitbark), Amulet of glory, Dhide vambs, Mystic boots, elemental shield, Air staff, Deaths, water, fire and earth runes (get 59 mage, it really helps), Obby or God cape, Ring of recoil (unless you are praying) in which case bring a ring of life, iron or steel arrows should be enough, bring p pots if you are praying, lobsters are good enough. DONT PANIC lol..you can do it pretty easily ^^
  10. I am training there atm and i was wondering if there was an official world or a unofficial world where a lot of people train there so we can all pile revs when they come. thnx. If you think i should train there (60-70) please suggest another training spot -.-
  11. Sayf

    The Holocaust

    When Germany beat France during the beginning of WWII, guess who got some more colonies in Africa, i don't remember which ones, i'll go look for the link. I know those colonies were returned to France when Germany lost.
  12. Sayf

    The Holocaust

    let's not forget that Hitler `tested` the concetration camps in german colonies in africa...but thats not as important right??
  13. Ummmm i think it's because it means the same thing -.- Well...the question is..why is this case being so mediated, probably because Belgium is involved. What about million of other houses Israel has taken when the Palestians who lived there were forced to leave.
  14. Sayf

    Runescape Tattoo.

    don't get a jagex crown...you will be sued for jagex staff impersonating -.-

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