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  1. I found some even earlier kits from when I started. I remember at the time I had no idea what I was doing and the feedback wasn't great but It's enjoyable to look back and see improvement.
  2. Wow, this is incredible! I have kept as much as I possibly can from when I was working on The Lego Kit. I saved every major revision of the kit before the Imageshack links rotted. I also used to have a website for the kit which I had to shut down in 2019 as the hosting was expensive and I hadn't updated the kit since 2012. You can find a web archive version. There was also a Youtube channel with two videos.
  3. I assumed we would have gotten further by now but anyway... 986,949
  4. Some of these were from collabs but I can't remember which. part1.bmp
  5. 150 KILOBYTES? How do you expect people to be able to download that much data?
  6. This is really cool! It reminds me of the time we used to do graphic worms. I have no idea how I would sign it though.
  7. Would it not have been possible to defer that decision to other moderators to avoid those issues? I suppose it isn't too late to change that, there are still a few of us hanging around
  8. @Fatalysm Nice of you to mention my name twice there I kind of feel the same way as Yuanrang, so many names to remember and I'm scared I'll leave someone out. There also many names I recognise but I also can't remember how...
  9. Strange, I could have sworn it was working when I posted it, it isn't working for me either. I'll use Imgur. And a a bonus one:
  10. I think if you tried that now it wouldn't be such a problem. Hardly many people visit and I suppose it could size could be limited in a grid or something.
  11. Indeed! I still have most of my fakes saved, most of that stuffed is long gone. Yeah, Reddit and social media in general, that and all fansites being outdone by Wikia. (It's very hard to compete with those). Sad to think of all those niche messaging boards that are slowly fading from existence.
  12. It feels strange to see how most of those names hardly make it into the last century. In some ways it feels so long ago but so recent too. The idea of adding something on to what others have made reminds me of the graphic worms, or the extremely niche RS faking community we used to have. It's so sad to think that a lot of other stuff has been lost forever as Imageshack/Photobucket and whatever else people used to use slowly recycles URLs. It's a shame sites like Wayback machine can only save so much.
  13. It's been quite a while since I last made a topic here... I recently found this screenshot taken 19th October 2006 and it made me wonder what everyone else might have lying around...
  14. Indeed. coming up to it's 15th anniversary this year Sadly it kind of died after the forum was maliciously wiped...
  15. and yet we all lose something together... time.
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