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    RuneScape, drawing, soccer, climbing trees, killing noobs.

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  1. Red Alert

    Banning Incandescent Light Bulbs

    Why is "Save" in quotes? They save a tremendous amount of power. Great idea imo. Good to see America going more energy efficient.
  2. Red Alert

    Name That Line

    For the person above, I don't have a clue. "Tears Don't Fall" by Bullet for My Valentine. They could care less as long as someone'll bleed (song)
  3. Red Alert

    God Vs. Atheism

    If this "bunch" of mathematicians and scientists knows so much, why haven't the other thousands of mathemeticians and scientists agreed with them? Rather than insulting his intelligience, why don't you explain the logic behind the equation, or at least space it out a little so its easier to understand, because it doesn't seem to make any sense to me. The experiemt he's talking about is called the Miller-Urey experiment, and in it, inorganic substances basically created organic ones. Since it took an unimaginably short time compared to the history of the universe, i don't find it at all hard to believe that over a few billion years, these organic materials could evolve into cells. Isn't it obvious? Wasn't that experiment conducted by humans, as actual intelligent beings? Whereas life on Earth, taking the athiest train of thought, was made by no intelligence at all. It just coincidentally formed cells. Also, if the thousands of mathematicians who were not involved in the decision did not agree with them (which you haven't given any evidence for this being widely known), then would not they disprove it? Can you disprove that 382nd power calculation? I don't think Emanick was trying to insult anyone's intelligence. I think he was just trying to say that Evin agreed with him on this, and that hopefully he would come on and say so soon.
  4. Red Alert

    Who Do You Think Will Be The Next Dms?

    Yes, I mean that.
  5. Red Alert

    Close Please...

    Nice Mining. Keep going plz. :)
  6. Red Alert

    I've Upgraded From Blue To Green

    Oops, wrong account
  7. Red Alert

    Mining 80- 5 To Rune! :o

    Err... that's an interesting story. But Emanick: Get cracking on your mining and smithing . . . I calculated and you're about a fifteenth of the way to 99 smithing and about a tenth of the way to 99 mining, if that. :s Not to mention that you've already been at it for what, six months? :P
  8. Red Alert

    The Meteor Wyrm

    Wow, this is gr8! I havent got around to reading it yet buit i will!
  9. Red Alert

    The Fall And Rise

    This hasnt ben updated for a wile now...Can you plz do it soon? *
  10. Red Alert

    The Temple Of Tal'kal

    Wow, this isn't to good...
  11. Red Alert

    The Runescape Chronicles: Advent Blade

    I miss th new chapters. Make some more plz?
  12. hi i'm Emanick's brother. 0/10 who are u?
  13. Red Alert

    My Fakes (lots Of Them!)

    I honestly can't see anything wrong with them other than the picture quality. Next time save it as a .png file :D
  14. Red Alert

    My First Creation

    Guys, lay off him... that's actually really good for a first-time faker. -He did the entire chatbox with no mistakes. -The 'shoot pinball' text has near perfection. -The minimap is good, if not entirely related to the main-screen image. The only things that could use some touching up are the pub chat priv chat thingy, and maybe make the minimap more relevant. Other than that, it's good. 7/10

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