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  1. Very late to the party but oh man, I appreciate reading your perspective on Macki, because that's very different to how I remember those days, especially being on the inside. I mean, being at the ripe ole age of 10, I don't remember much detail at all, aside from that pure unadulterated happiness around fiiiiinally being accepted and respected (ugh, I know) by my peers. To me, we were just this tight-knit group of friends that I really enjoyed interacting with, and that was pretty much it. The bullying, god, I absolutely 100% believe it, but I genuinely cannot remember a single moment of it, which is pretty fudgeed up because that means it must've been so normal to shell out. That's not even the worst of it. Many don't know this, but on his ohiirthar forum, there was an exclusive sub-forum for porn. And thus began my wordly introduction to it. A GIRL. AT AGE TEN. I would interact with Macki's groupies WITHIN those topics and they were totally fine with it. WTF??? I can't remember much, but I can still picture frames from that first video with crystal clear precision. What's even scarier is that I probably would've done anything they'd asked me to, wouldn't give it a second thought, and wouldn't tell anyone else. Kids are so god damn impressionable, and the internet is the perfect melting pot for everything to go wrong. This is a very good case study for future (and current) parents. Don't talk to strange Macedonian men with a cult following of tweens and a dancing fox avatar do drugs, kids!
  2. I done seen you online just now. Boop


    1. Sofee


      I'm here now boop boop

  3. Holy shizzle I completely forgot about the existence of Stellar Dawn for like 10 years until now. I seem to recall you were also in that Stellar Dawn Central forums??
  4. Sofee

    Life update?

    At the moment, the new Netflix series Arcane is making me feel pretty magical, so there's that stay safe in your winter, that sounds horrible, meanwhile I'm bracing myself for our blistering summers! Funnily enough, my gf is from NZ (Dunedin), and that's the next place we're planning to travel to, to see her family and do some adventuring. I'll have to hit you up when we eventually go over!
  5. Sofee

    Life update?

    Always the one with the words Yuan, well said. I suppose everybody gets to this stage of life at some point, some earlier than others - there are people from my year in highschool already having kids, so they're way past me! And then there are those who are still 'finding themselves' past age 30; I made friends with many of them in Canada. And my 'settle down' time has come! I look back at my time in Canada with such warmth and fondness and it is hard to let go of the fact that I will never feel that magic again, even if I go backpacking again, it won't be the same. Then again, the rose-tinted glasses always get put on and it's easy to forget the stressful parts of living abroad. Hope you are doing well too
  6. Sofee

    Life update?

    How could I forget...I also visited this noob a couple times. Climbed up a mountain and everything. Only thing that would've improved the experience is if your kitty was around back then!
  7. Sofee

    Life update?

    So the last time I wrote a proper blog entry was 3 years ago, in the middle of my working holiday in Canada. Since I'm nostalgia-ing away on Sals, might as well write this up before another 3 years pass! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I stayed for about a year working seasonal jobs, and went on some crazy ass adventures. I bought a minivan and inflatable mattress, and basically did a solo trip around USA's west coast living it up. Lots of hiking, eating, got some tattoos, sometimes meeting new people, but most of it was spent by myself. It was very chilled. Worked a summer job at a glacier. Long summer nights with new friends, spent floating around in our inflatable canoes on turquoise glacier-fed water. Went on a second USA roadtrip with these friends, about 8 of us split between two cars. One of the best and most stressful times of my life. Blowouts between friends, problems with the car, incredible sunsets over the grand canyon. I stuck with my friends that I made in my previous winter job (see 2nd last entry), and yes the girl, and we agreed to be exclusive eventually. It was really nice, but we always knew that it would be temporary. Still, we made the most out of our temporary relationship, and I wouldn't have had it differently. Recalling this Canada experience gives me extreme nostalgia, second to the nostalgia of Sals. There were no responsibilities, every day was a new adventure, spontaneity all the time, we were truly living in the present. When I eventually flew back home to Australia, I struggled. For a while. I remember distinctly returning back to my parents' house, and after all the 'welcome back's, I had a shower. It was the strangest feeling - like no time had passed at all, I was having a shower like I did every other day in that bathroom. I had changed, and nobody around me understood, because they weren't with me, and all the friends I made in Canada were gone. I went from the excitement of not knowing what would happen each day, to a life of routine and repetition. From spending a year sleeping next to someone in bed, to sleeping alone. I've always been a laid back person, and very fortunate to not be affected by mental illnesses throughout teenagehood. For the first time in my life, at age 21, I was quite severely depressed, and I didn't know what to do with myself. Every single day, it felt like I had this ball in my stomach, tortuously twisting and turning. I was desperate to get back the life I used to have, living without a care in the world, and doing whatever I wanted to, without consequence. I knew that I needed a change, so I moved out of my parents' house, got a full-time job in the industry I studied for, hit the gym hard, went on Tinder, basically tried to distract myself with anything and everything. Still the feeling didn't go away, and even now I can honestly say, that there's no way I could've lived with 'that feeling' inside me for the rest of my life. If somehow I knew that that was going to be forever, I would've ended it. I was getting involved with girls no good for me and exacerbated my depression, but I just needed to feel something. I went to therapy which was alright, but what got me through in the end was knowing that only time could heal what I was feeling. It was a bit of a process, but eventually made it. Fast forward to today at age 24, I have a great girlfriend who I'm pretty sure is my future wife, I bought an investment property over in Brisbane, and I have a well-paying job that I enjoy and have near-full autonomy over what I do day to day. Actually, tomorrow I'm getting a student assistant who will be helping me out, and at my age it's pretty unreal that I get to manage someone! Also just in general thinking about my life thus far, the adventures I've gone on and life experiences I've had, at 24 I'm pretty exhausted after all that and I'm ready to settle. God it feels weird to say that. I'm still so young! I'm very lucky to be in the position that I'm in now and I'm milking every second of my youth. Nowadays, I play league of legends (hardstuck gold), I've just started playing OSRS again, gyming, going out on the town, watching stuff on tv, catching up with friends. Sounds pretty boring and generic hobbies, but I'm genuinely very content with myself and life. Next blog post I'll probably be married with another couple houses and 10 kids!
  8. Ayyy I have been summoned! I feel like the earlier comments perfectly capture how I feel about this place. I wish that I could go back in time to when I was 10, coming onto the forums and excitedly clicking through my favourite forum categories. New fakes, discussions on RS updates, the heated debates, reading up blog posts...we had it so good. A home away from home. I don't think anything in the world fills me with more nostalgia - I would honestly start crying uncontrollably if I continued to look through the archives here. Hello there old mate, I don't think I ever fully got over you breaking up our e-relationship at the age of 9
  9. And I was friends with all Benn0, Macki, etc...oh dear. Maybe I just saw the human side in them. Or maybe I wanted to be a cool little rebel kid. Good to see you Micael, old faces are always so nice to see around here.
  10. I have so much content for the blog I'm one of those who can't start new topics/post new entries. Help
  11. Sofee


    We're always gonna be young at heart, I swear people never really grow up.
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