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    Evil Bob's Island, hangin' wit da gnomies.
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    Mathematical Equations. E=mc v****a OWNED.

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    Get Sandals
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  1. Irplop

    Woox16's Triumphant Return?

    To be that good at prayer flashing -_-
  2. Irplop

    Luckiest Or Unluckiest?

    Luckiest I'd have to say; buying a santa hat for 16m and then selling it for 103m a few years on, that was pretty sweet.. I try not to remember all the the unlucky things (:
  3. Irplop


    Guess who? (: PM me if you're up for getting back in touch, I can give you email, fb etc if you want (:
  4. Irplop

    Mini's Pk Gallery

    am you like kids ranqe???? u r gud fiter K:D?
  5. Irplop

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    iSandals Herbloreee
  6. Irplop

    A N3wb's Life 3.0

    Hey man, bet your glad you shooped that pic of your bank now huh? Can't believe all those noobs gave you money for that haha
  7. Irplop


    Best of luck :D
  8. Irplop


    Do you always reset your prestige when you've done your highest floor? That's how you get the best exp :( and try doing the lower ones at c1 and then the highest 5 floors at c6 med :D
  9. Irplop

    Cooked Trading.

    Its unlikely you'll be able to do that because of the price difference and with the grand exchange. If you're looking to settle on a deal you're better off using the market place section of the forums but otherwise its best to just the g e as lobsters are a common food for training in ftp so they should eventually sell :D
  10. Irplop

    An Interesting Page On Wikipedia...

    Cool story bro
  11. Irplop

    Monetary Orb

    If its made of molten glass and is an orb you should probably change how its made from with a furnace to with a glassblowing pipe to follow the trend of how molten glass is used :D
  12. Irplop

    Wilderness And Free Trade Vote

    I'm making it my own personal duty to vote for everyone who says no to the vote on this thread :D
  13. Haha thanks everyone Yeh, Filipe, I thought my time had come and it was time to go combat :>
  14. Irplop

    Calum's Log To Whatever He Wants ;)

    I just realised I was in your 99 attack picture I support (:

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