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    The Legend of Zelda<br />Nintendo!!!<br /><br />Videogames in general<br />TACOS!!!!<br />football(soccer for noobs)<br /><br />hanging out with friends

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    Dark Raide
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    I Don't Play
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    Don't Care
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  1. Raide


    fluxxomer is sobend right?
  2. Raide

    JUST ONE VERY SMALL question

    well....My account exists since...2003. Not new at all.. I was a member at some point, but stopped being a long time ago. I still have my mystic lava staff from then. But i've played ever since!. a bit well...guess ill go level my archery to 60....that atleast couldn't have changed.
  3. I haven't seriously played RS since...2006?... I had been binge playing a bit between the years, you know, here and there I decided to log in because i've been watching sword art online WTF HAPPENED what changed... graphics are nice now I logged in wearing my lava battle staff. I haven't been a memberin over...7 years I think....they they let people try membership for free at some point? HALP!!!!
  4. Raide

    Hey guys!

    woah woah woah, what happened? Sal called the cops on cow girl to prevent her from doing something not good at all....that's actually pretty amazing...Im happy!...how is she?
  5. Raide

    Hey guys!

    Yep, Yerrok...... the one im saying once posted a pic of her drinking Boones and we compared her drinking Boones to yerrok's drinking cheap wine...well dani did.... Darn I have an awesome memory
  6. Raide

    Old Sal's Realm Member from 2007

    I am so OP the rest of you guys need a Handicap
  7. Raide

    Old Sal's Realm Member from 2007

    which were the first 2?
  8. Raide

    Old Sal's Realm Member from 2007

    ....My bad, I necromanced this without even noticing....
  9. Raide

    Happy Texas Independence Day!!!

    #MexicanConqueringUSAwithalotofBabies2014 Lets make that trend
  10. Raide

    happy bday 1800

    ....wait I could swear there was an L in your name at the time i wrote that....
  11. Raide

    Hey guys!

    Was she blonde and posted a shizzle load of drunk pics? There was also a guy from australia who once posted a pic of him drinking plastic bag wine before I even knew that stuff was awesome....and he was cool, and had ausutralia underpants. Not sure if Queen Missy, rings a bell...
  12. Raide

    Hey guys!

    I don't remember the nick name Just say it brah, even if she isn't the one i say she would still be a hot girl from britain and dude.....hot girls from britain man
  13. "Some buttheads on a gaming forum i used to frequent alot said...." if they ask the game i say runescape thats its
  14. Raide

    Old Sal's Realm Member from 2007

    no idea who you are but welcome bro

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