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  1. Goldentoon42

    Music Video

    Nice dude!
  2. Goldentoon42


    I "work out" 4 times in an average week (M/W/F/Sat), but I would say I'm only average fitness wise. I would like to go up to 6 days a week but at my school we have mandatory intramural sports on Tu/Th, so that eats up those days workout time. Aabid my school has once a semester fitness testing, and I can only do 35 pushups in a row at my best. It's quite low for the standard here, but having said that I've seen people go from not being able to do one proper push up to doing 15+ in 4-5 months.
  3. I'll join this escapade! I'm playing on Daddy 1234.
  4. Huzzah, so who died from the thought of an update? xD
  5. aahh, I still get a laugh out of the last episode everytime :P
  6. Goldentoon42

    Dear People Quitting After EoC

    My question is why do you care? The people who say they are quitting "because EoC is going to ruin the game and many people agree with me and will leave to" probably won't end up leaving. Just ignore them. I left because the game got boring in every other aspect except for combat, and I don't want to relearn a game I've already put so much time into. The exact same thing happened for me with WoW when Cataclysm launched. As for Jethraw/teacuptime's responses, they are stating a dissatisfaction with Jagex's business decisions, and whether acknowledging that or not, I'm sure it is a big part of why they are going to quit. EoC is just the crap Jagex has been pulling for a while coming into one giant, annoying point.
  7. Goldentoon42

    Today is Nomadversary

    Happy Nomadversary! @2nd law, get out of here. Not the time or place for it.
  8. No tubbeh, keep these up; They're win sauce. Give me good laughs long time.
  9. Goldentoon42

    I Think

    Noo Amber :( I will be missing you in the FC, unless you still want to chill there from time to time :)
  10. Goldentoon42

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  11. Goldentoon42

    Watermelon Tanning in my house

    This is Fox news worthy.
  12. Goldentoon42

    My theme song to everything

  13. Goldentoon42

    Petition to unban Benn0 from sals fc

    I support this. Also, lets hear why he was banned. No more of the vague responses "He broke a number of rules, and is now shooting himself in the foot". His behaviour is no different then that of many other trolls who are also allowed into Sal's in multitudes. Is it perhaps that the mods just got tired of his trolling and banned him out of example? Or did they take his trolling a little bit too close to heart? I don't know, but I do believe he deserves another chance (without the crap like "Oh, he was given plenty of warnings and last chances prior to his banning", since it has been a while). Since he will obviously keep appearing in the chat anyways, why not make it easier on yourselves, mods. (of course the mods bias against him doesn't help, Jethraw/CS.)
  14. Goldentoon42

    13-year-old crashes Grandma's car

    retards... leaving your kid in a car without the keys now that is stupid... How so? because if something happens they can't leave and lock the car behind them If something happens that warrants them having to leave the car, then I think locking it would be the least of their worries. They can hit the lock button on the driver's door twice and close the door...
  15. Goldentoon42

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Leo sorry for sounding creepy...but your face + your runescape name look familiar of a guy I met at a summer day camp like 5-6 years ago :/

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