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    Kind of torn between the decision that I like strawberries or not. I eat them, I think they're nice but the after taste is never pleasurable.

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  1. Lipblast

    Teacher = Dumb

    If he'd answered "Because I haven't met the right woman yet" or something like that he'd be divulging his sexual orientation. My teachers don't get fired for saying that they're getting married to their loved ones in x amount of months, or that they have a baby on the way. All he had to do was say he hadn't met the right person or whatever. No need to explain that it's illegal to get married. So he should be FIRED for explaining that it's against the law. "No need to..." That's something I hear a lot of bigots saying to justify stuff like this. When you say "No need to..." it's generally nothing to FIRE SOMEONE OVER. This is discrimination. There's no denying it. Stuff like this makes me sick to my stomach. What if the teacher was talking about anything else that is illegal. "I would smoke marijuana, but I can't because it's illegal." "I would have a slave, but I can't because it's illegal." If this was at a highschool then I doubt anything bad would have happened, but it's fourth grade. They should be learning long division, not what sexuality is legal and what isn't. Was the punishment a little harsh? Yes it was and there is really no need to fire someone over something like that, but the situation didn't call for that talk. Don't tell me you've never strayed off-topic with your primary school teachers. And you keep downplaying this with words like "No need to..." and "a little harsh." We're talking about someone being fired here. And talk about their personal life? No, no I haven't. My school has strict rules regarding what information teachers can deluge to students. For all we know that school could be the same way. Should he have been fired? Most likely not, but we don't have all the details here. Maybe this wasn't the first time he's been in trouble with the higher up people, maybe the teachers all had a rule against personal information. Maybe this article isn't telling the full story. Agreed. Thank you, redmonke. Aliath, what you said before just proved my hypothesis that 90 percent of the world's population are idiots. No sense of subtlety at all. God, you're right, I'm such a fudgeing idiot, aren't I? Who am I to say that people shouldn't be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation?! It's not like it's anything I should be concerned about anyways, huh? Not like I know anyone who's gay! xD What a ridiculous notion, huh? Hey, it's not like I'm bi or anything. xD So, so ridiculous. xD Pretty much just covering up embarrassment for being owned. I'm also sure that this teacher must have been under scrutiny before hand, or else he wouldn't have gotten fired. Seriously, they wouldn't just fire a teacher for explaining his sexuality. There would have had to have been something else in the works for him to get fired over. Get my drift?
  2. Lipblast

    Favorite Song/band/genre Thread

    I listen to anything that's good, in my opinion. Like, I enjoy The Ghost Inside. Parkway Drive aren't bad either. But on the other hand, Ice Cube, Nas and other assorted artists of that genre are also good to listen to. And Dubstep. fudgeing dubstep. So good. Borgore is pretty awesome.
  3. Lipblast


    Headphones, good things those. I have a pair of pretty cheap sennheisers. They do the job and they were only 80AUS. Another thing: had them since '08.
  4. Lipblast

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Hold down the trigger, trust me. Anything more than short range and it's worthless Is this the f2000 you're talking about? P90 isn't bad long range if you burst fire it, got a bit of power behind it.
  5. Lipblast

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Wat. Whenever I've used the f2k, it's had no recoil. But I agree with the no power, it's a piece of shizzle. How about the good old p90. Big clip, straight up. Akimbo p90's is a walking turret.
  6. Lipblast

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Mmm, but I find with the tar that it just doesn't feel good to use. Personal preference. RPD is boss, such a heavy gun with awesome accuracy, agreed there. The ACR is accurate but...it's just cheap. Like. I swear there's just no recoil, as is with the F2k.
  7. Lipblast

    Pics Of Yourself!

    I lol'd. But yeah, that was just a little intermission. He's one of the best slap bassists I've ever seen/heard irl.
  8. Lipblast

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Same with the scar, to be honest. Best hipfire guns: uzi and pp2000. They're actually so accurate.
  9. Lipblast

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    I got the 1000 headshots with the intervention the other night. Title looks pro. Trying to get the Barrett now, it's a hard slog.
  10. Lipblast

    How Do You Get A Girlfriend!

    Is this just the biggest troll that I've seen yet? Although. Girls. They're strange, straight up.
  11. Lipblast

    Pics Of Yourself!

    On the left. Just like, getting filmed playing music and stuff. Grabbed a screeny.
  12. Lipblast

    Anyone Skateboard

    I'd rather say that Skateboarding was a recreational sport. And yeah, been skateboarding for 7 years. good shizzle, straight up. I never pass up an oppurtunity to show some pics. Here's two. I came third in the under 17's boys, local competition. Far left. That was a few years back though haha. This is a bit more recent, ollieing down our local double set.
  13. Lipblast

    I Have Turned To F2p

    Coal mining or giant bones.
  14. Lipblast

    Death Sentence

    I can see many people raising the issue about life imprisonment being worse than the death penalty. But if you look at it this way, they killed someone (whether avenging a loved one or not). What are they expecting to happen in today's society? A get-out-of-jail card? Life imprisonment offers an uncomfortable bed and free food.
  15. Lipblast

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Such a satisfying killstreak. I also have only gotten two. And black ops. MONEY SYSTEM. Ah, addiction. I can feel it coming on.

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