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  1. Dreak

    Jj Dynomite - 2277 & Beyond

    Woooow, what an amazing log and skills! Runecrafting is one of the few skills I have it hard with :( Best of luck with slayer! :yes: just do it! :P
  2. Ye, spent some time on that one, but watermelons are just Thanks :) So was Martin! :P Thanks :) getting the seeds and selling the pots was annoying sometimes, but other than that i really enjoyed the skill :)
  3. Dreak

    Christian genocide by IS (Islamic state)

    Bah, well done sir, you just messed up my whole morning, thank you. These are CHILDREN we're talking about, which is happening right now where not a single newspaper ever said anything about. As you said, the killing of Sunnis has been happening for a long time, why would I post something about that now? I don't think massacres in one area are better or worse than any other massacre, but the fact that innocent children get BEHEADED simply because they have an other believe (FYI: I'm not christian at all, I think all religions are equally stupid), simply infuriates me.
  4. Dreak

    Are men with long hair mentally unstable?

    Might be other way around. Unstable men might get completely lost and not tend themselves, resulting in longer hair (and long nails, beard, dirty cloths etc...)
  5. http://m.cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/barbara-boland/leader-isis-systematically-beheading-children-christian-genocide#.U-SSQC75SM9.facebook I don't find any official reports (even though there is strong evidence of genocide and crimes against humanity).. I looked up the pictures, I'm horrified, I actually feel sick.. I hope they are fake, but I doubt it.. This is the first time I'm actually going to say this: go America, go bomb the sh out of those monsters... If a mod finds my post offensive, then I'm sorry, but I'm feeling terrible at the moment..
  6. Really proud of this one, 'only' 9 to go
  7. Dreak

    Is God a just judge?

    Seeng as Tyrion was innocent, yet sentenced to death by the gods.. Na, they aren't just...
  8. Dreak

    World Cup 2014

    everyone except germany are sucking at the moment. Germany and England. The conditions in which England had to play were a lot tougher than those of Germany. Not to forget that Germany had to play against 10 players. Dang I hate those Italians.. Especially Balotelli.. Why does idiots like him get to be so famous? He's like the Paris Hilton of football :(
  9. Dreak

    World Cup 2014

    Van Persies goal was still more incredible -.- The Netherlands don't really have that much a strong team to be honest. Incredibly strong attack, incredibly weak defence and a 50-50 midfield (*prayer* @Blind, :rofl: @De Jong) I'm wondering what Uruguay and England will provide us with. England was the team that impressed me the most so far, I think they are going to win from Uruguay.
  10. Dreak

    I'm just a peasant!

    Thanks :) I just like the cape and the skill. Would be an awesome achievement too in my opinion :) Thanks :)
  11. Are you kidding me? The last scene is so boring that it immediately ruined the whole episode.. Why didn't they just use the epilogue of the book... Because the TV series is an adaptation. I saw a bunch of people upset that some chick wasn't inroduced last night, but then someone, who also read the books, pointed out that because it's an adaptation, they obviously didn't introduce her for a reason. I haven't read the books, so I actually liked the end scene. I had completely forgotten about the coin, but my Dad said that they reminded us about the coin at the beginning of the episode. I guess I just wasn't paying enough attention. Didn't see the coin either.. But the ending was so... 'meh'.. No shock, no clifhanger.. It would have even been better if they swapped the last two scenes
  12. Are you kidding me? The last scene is so boring that it immediately ruined the whole episode.. Why didn't they just use the epilogue of the book...
  13. Dreak

    'Man', the species

    I'm happy to see that at least someone here (Lilshu) actually knows what evolution is... Kinda being a hypocrite at the moment. I just finished a course about evolution and ecology :P True enough, it has no metabolism ;) AAAAANYWAY. What humanity is doing right now, is actually normal in the field of ecology: We got enough resources, we use these resources. While there are enough resources, we keep reproducing at a rate which exceeds the amount of deaths. That's a normal ecological principle. Reason humanity is so successful at surviving at the moment, is because we have a) A giant variable gene pool, we are not having problems with genetic drift (losing of gene variety). B) we are having a giant population (I mean.. 6 billion.. yea..) C) We have a gigantic habitat (basicly, we can live everywhere on the land. If somewhere a population dies/gets thin (Vesuvius eruption, tsunami at Indonesia..), there are more than enough sources (other countries) which can take up the space of those who died. For these reasons, we are an ecological/evolutionary very advanced population, not even speaking of our intellect. I doubt there are many other species (except maybe for Tardigrades, or ants or something..) that are so well evolved.

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