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  1. Whiskas

    What's up Sal's?

    I was hoping to either yesterday or today, but I'm gonna see it on Thursday.
  2. Whiskas

    What's up Sal's?

    gross Too many falchions, not enough longswords. Or arming swords. Or bucklers. Or rapier and dagger. Or sidesword.
  3. Whiskas

    What's up Sal's?

    It won't be a particularly lengthy return. Come tomorrow, I'll probably forget I posted a blog entry on here. There definitely were successes. Annoyingly, literally none of my sources mention any diplomatic policy with any group located on the Steppes, only in Carpathia, Balkans and Persia. In Justinian's reign anyway. Sigh.
  4. Whiskas

    What's up Sal's?

    Hey, it's me, how are you all? It's been a looooongggg time. I'm also procrastinating right now, I should be righting an essay on whether Emperor Justinian's diplomatic policy in the Carpathian Basin and the Steppes was successful, but eh, just checking in. Uni is going reasonably well, I'm the vice-president of a university HEMA group. It's pretty fun. We do swordfighting. Lots and lots. We had a group from London come down for a tournament today (sadly, we didn't get to finish). Not sure what else to say, I'm super hyped for Rogue One and I still love Lego.
  5. Whiskas


    Welcome back to Sal's Kitten :D
  6. Hello Sals how are you

    1. Guitarguy


      Good thing your avatar already has a Santa hat.

  7. Whiskas

    8 years today

    Okay actually yesterday since it's 21 mins into the 26th but yeah I've been on Sal's 8 years today, woo!
  8. Whiskas

    Back to the fold?

    Hello Simple welcome back
  9. Whiskas

    Hello Sal's!

    Well, I seem to be popping on a lot more recently thanks to reepicheep who keeps linking me to things on here. How are you all? I'm currently in my second year of sixth-form but due to a subject change I am doing some new AS subjects - English Literature, German and Computing. I have my first exam on the 7th of May which is a German oral exam. After that, 16th May is the next one. 9th June is my last one and then I will have the start of A2 subjects. I really need to start looking at unis too. I started a YouTube channel but I haven't updated it lately, I will once my exams are done though.
  10. Oh wow what am I doing online here

  11. Whiskas

    My Professor Laytonesque Puzzle

    D... because it looks like something Sal would like.
  12. Whiskas

    A small request

    Hi, could you be so kind as to give this blog a view please? My friend is in a competition to get as many views as possible from as many different countries as possible before March.
  13. Whiskas

    Emanick is crazy

  14. Whiskas

    Emanick is crazy

    He's babbling about nonsense He's confused me, Reepicheep and Tabt

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