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  1. Jake

    Congratulations To.....

    elected? you guys vote on who it is? and congrats you guys.
  2. Jake

    Last One To Post Wins

    Seems to me like no one will ever win this...
  3. Jake

    Display Names

    At least i got me a cool name ^_^
  4. Jake


    To tell you the truth, we really don't need this guide. Getting your fletching up is obvious and we don't need a giant guide on how to do something that could be summed up in 4 sentences.
  5. Jake

    Abyssal Demon Slaying!

    you could use full dh, that helps alot if you have a good sum of prayer pots.
  6. Jake

    P2p Skiller

    Good luck with the 99 woodcutting :P
  7. Jake

    Official Forum Worlds

    iv always been a world 71 guy
  8. Jake

    99 Pixel Trees On The Wall

    Well if ya ever want to cut with me id be glad, and is this the right forum?
  9. Jake

    Close Please

    Good luck, ill help ya whenever I can.
  10. Jake

    Falador Rewrite - Completed!

    Good guide Layout, i love it.
  11. i like how you shoed some of the animations
  12. Jake

    Elemental Workshop 2 Quest Guide

    you have some grammer mistakes
  13. Jake

    Cook's Guild Rewrite

    some of your pictures are broken

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