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  1. Naples

    What's Your Most Viewed Da Piece?

    http://naples.deviantart.com/art/Man-with-...960273&qo=6 196 views
  2. Naples

    Hiiiii Sals

    Grammar used in the tutorial vs the grammar in his posts, pretty clear that it wasn't by the same person.
  3. Naples

    Calc Review Help

    1) Simplify the following expression in terms of x sq(4tan^2x+4) I got +/- 2secx but apparently the correct answer is 2abs(secx) And I'm not completely sure why or how that is the answer... 2) Solve for r: (rcosx)^2 + (rsinx)^2 + 3rcosx = 0 I got r = -3cosx but I know that 0 is also an answer i just don't know how to prove it, heres what i did: r^2cos^2x + r^2sin^2x = -3rcosx r^2(cos^2x + sin^2x) = -3rcosx r^2(1) = -3rcosx r^2 = -3rcosx r^2/r = -3cosx r = -3rcosx 3) cos2x = 1/3 and 0 ≤ x ≤ π, find cosx I don't remember how to do this so a detailed explanation would be appreciated. 4) Write tan(arc cos(x/3)) in algebraic form Don't remember how to do this either. 5) Estimate the surface area using the Trapezoid Rule I did 10(6+5/2 + 5+4/2 + 5+4/2 + 5+5/2)=195 ft^2 but apparently the answer is 250 ft^2... Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Naples

    Sotw 81

  5. Naples

    My Own Mixtape ...

    Post the original image(s)
  6. We had to make a comic in spanish using clipart pictures we modified and using the present perfect in the comic. http://sleekupload.com/uploads/comic1_1.png I'd really appreciated it if someone who is good at spanish could look over this and tell me if anything needs to be corrected. Thanks in advance!
  7. Naples

    Aotw 1-voting

    How about you post voting rules and not entry rules...
  8. Naples

    Canterbury Tales

    Need help coming up with 4 adjectives a piece to describe the Cook and the Weaver in Canterbury Tales. All I have so far is the Cook being skillful... Any help is appreciated.
  9. Naples

    Fite Voting

    Kind of hard to decide, they all need work... Reap, effects, lighting and quality Darkeyes, liquify massacres this sig, plus lighting could use work Meftah, right side distracts from the focal, as does the text, effects need more of a wow factor Rker, over sharpened and quite messy
  10. Naples

    Aotw 1

  11. I need to create a list of 5 components that make up a Modern Code of Chivalry/Conduct of modern day leader's and a list of 10 components making up Code of Love/Relationships. So far I have.... Chivalry - Religious and Cultural Tolerance - Respect of human and civil rights - Equal Treatment of all persons Love None...can't think of anything... Thanks in advance for any help
  12. Naples


    My homework usually gets done the class before or in the morning before I go to school...usually do any writing assignments/essays and projects the day before...although, last year I skipped the freshman science class at my school and went straight to biology and since you're supposed to start the science fair freshman year, I was supposed to do what they do during the summer, but I never did. So, 3 weeks into school my teacher said that all of the stuff was due the next class. Which entailed finding an experiment, doing a ton of research, writing a 1000 word background information and writing up the procedures and material list. So I ended up missing the first 2 blocks of school the day it was due to finish it all.
  13. Naples

    Do You Want To Move...

    I'd love to live somewhere in Europe when I get older, most likely Italy but there are other countries I'd also love to live in...always been big on different languages and cultures and I feel that Europe has the greatest diversity of that in such a close proximity as compared to the US.
  14. Need help with a few questions about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 1. Why did King Arthur and Sir Gawain laugh when the Green Knight leaves after Sir Gawain takes off his head? Thanks Common Sense 2. What was the main lesson Gawain learned? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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