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  1. Yessir! The only good school in South Carolina.
  2. youve essentially won the sals battle royale
  3. also gimmie your guyses discord names id love to catch up
  4. anime isnt real

  5. Is this place still breathing? I'm hardcore procrastinating on studying for my numerical methods exam and I remembered y'all. Kinda nuts thinking I joined this forum when I was like, 12, and now I'm a sophomore in college. All you really need to know about me currently is that I'm a pretty typical partying college kid and mechanical engineering violates me on the daily but I manage. OH and I played a month of old school runescape recently, that was hella lit. also where my south carolina bros at? Go Tigers??
  6. Have had this account almost seven years. I miss when this place was a buzz of activity. :(

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    2. Guitarguy


      Don't worry. That spammer Sal's Realm will keep us alive forever.

    3. Sobend


      And don't forget guitarguy posting shizzle on those runescape update topics

    4. Guitarguy


      And don't forget Sobend shizzling all over my good shizzle.

  7. Admiral

    what in tarnation

    also ilu the mostest
  8. Admiral

    what in tarnation

    AHAH oh fudge I forgot I posted this I think I was kinda drunk MechE! Kill me now! ilu ilu dont worry about it I talk to him every once in a while actually hey fack u iluuu
  9. Admiral

    what in tarnation

    i actually remembered my password lol I'm an engineering student now guys whats up. I'm also no longer a minecraft playing virgin, it only cost me being somewhat emotionally abused and also becoming a league of legends player but i mean #worth I've missed u guys tell me about your days, also is the salscraft crew still here? tubby zooey guitarguy inquis wya dudes
  10. Admiral

    Hi agaaaain

  11. Admiral

    vicious trains

    Holy what That poor train, never saw it coming srs tho get better k ;-;
  12. Admiral


    hi normal im dad
  13. Admiral

    Hi agaaaain

  14. received brain damage from trying to figure out how to install skyrim mods

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    2. Admiral


      oh i am :P


      Just so many conflicting mods. And load order. Also the brain damage doesnt helprrerrfffffffffffff

    3. Smilefishy


      I have trouble finding decent mods for Skyrim, but maybe I don't look very hard.

    4. Smilefishy


      I have trouble finding decent mods for Skyrim, but maybe I don't look very hard.

  15. Admiral

    PC Gaming Club

    Super Hexagon. -.- BAD RATS

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