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  1. Kwojiba

    Need A Sig

    Well i'd like a siggy fitting the size requirements here but i want it to be MMA Themed with my name incorporated of course. I'm not good at picking out renders or anything so i'll leave that up to you.
  2. Kwojiba

    99 fletching

    Gratz on 99 fletching :)
  3. Kwojiba

    99 Defense

    Congratz on 99 defense :)
  4. Well Failgex strikes again and the game has crashed! Your thoughts? lol
  5. Kwojiba

    ..:: El Zerkador's Rune Pure Log ::..

    Very well organized log :) Good luck with your goals those will take a while :P
  6. Kwojiba

    Varrock Elite

    Congratz on finishing the Varrock Elite Tasks :)
  7. Kwojiba

    95 EffigyClicking

    Congratz on 95 Runecrafting :)
  8. Kwojiba

    About time

    Congratz on battle mage gauntlets :)
  9. Kwojiba

    95 Magic

    Congratz on 95 mage :)
  10. Kwojiba

    Turmoil | 85 Ranged | 71 Summoning

    Very nice log so far can't wait to see more, good luck with your goals :(
  11. Kwojiba

    2200 Total

    Congratz on 2200 total :(
  12. Kwojiba

    Expand The World.

    I do like the idea of spreading out some areas of the non members game... I mean between lumby and varrock maybe add a small village since between Lumby and Falador you have Draynor and Port Sarim.
  13. Kwojiba


    Congratz on 99 summoning :(
  14. Kwojiba

    It Ain't Easy Being Green

    Congratz on the green party hat :(
  15. Kwojiba

    Sals View On Bridding

    I made a hybrid using it to PK, hybrids aren't dead or dying you actually have to go pking to find them. you go to Rock Crabs their everywhere lol. I wish there were more people here to hybrid with though..

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