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  1. Rouge_menace

    Runespan Guide

    That works for me, what did you plan on working on first? Just want to make sure we aren't needlessly working on the same thing. I was planning to start working on mapping out each of the levels, what spawns on which island and the different bridging points. Should be able to start after work tomorrow.
  2. Rouge_menace

    Runespan Guide

    Also the map will need to be re-done, along with new pictures of the portals to enter the Runespan. Btw, I am back (for now?) and I actually had to come read this to re-learn how the Runespan works. I am currently 81 runecrafting, so I can work on stuff at a little bit higher levelled.
  3. Rouge_menace

    Death Penalty

    I did read the entire thread before I made that post, but thanks for assuming I didn't. Sure, perhaps Charles Manson doesn't feel bad. That doesn't mean he wants to die. He believed in what he was doing and wanted to live to carry it out. I am not saying he was in any way morally right in doing what he did, but the point of my other post would be that he would not want to die and we should be able to empathize with that fact. A point which I guess you failed to see. So are you saying that we should drop down to their level, become incapable of feeling remorseful or guilty and just kill them off? This would make us just as bad as them, and not any better. Just another thought: Solving violence with violence can only create more violence.
  4. Rouge_menace

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Slam's Realm! Have a Sal's Ice Cold
  5. Rouge_menace

    The First Word That Comes To Mind

  6. Rouge_menace

    Death Penalty

    Empathy Main Entry: em•pa•thy Function: noun 1: the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another. I would not want to be killed, therefore I can empathize and reason that somebody else would not want to be killed. Does killing somebody else somehow waive that? I think that it wouldn't. If for example, I was in a heated argument which escalated to the point that I killed somebody (crime of passion) I would not want to be killed in return. Afterwards, I would feel terrible and wracked by guilt. It is that fact which makes me human and sets me apart from an animal such as a bear (which wouldn't hesitate to kill for for even just appearing to threaten its young). You ought to reflect on that for a moment (no, not the bear). Imagine if there were a circumstance where you killed somebody. Would you want to die or perhaps go on living and try to make amends for what you have done. Perhaps it was an accident and there were no witnesses. Well we can't prove you didn't do it on purpose so we'll have to kill you? That really doesn't seem like the right way to go about things.
  7. Just started to watch Lost. Kinda cool, I can see the appeal.

  8. Rouge_menace

    A Great Idea from an Underappreciated Forumer

    Yes, but you are the King of Kings, which implies that there are other kings which you are the King of. I vote that there should be a council of Kings, with each King ruling over a portion of the forums and paying homage to the King of Kings.
  9. Rouge_menace

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  10. Rouge_menace

    Runespan Guide

    Runespan Guide Written By: Rouge_menace Special Thanks To: Linux The Runespan is s separate plane from Gielinor, in which you can siphon runic energy from the creatures found there and use it to make runes from rune essence. While the wizards from the Runecrafting Guild have been observing the Runespan for quite some time, they have only recently started to explore it. The Runespan is an excellent place to train your Runecrafting skill, providing some of the best experience in the game for it. Table of Contents 1. Requirements and Getting There 2. Wizard Finix 3. Using the Runespan 4. Yellow Wizard and Runesphere 5. Wizard Finix's Runecrafting Shop Requirements and Getting There There are no requirements to use the Runespan. There are a few ways to get to the Runespan. First, you can use the Home Teleport spell to travel to the Draynor Lodestone and walk south to the Wizards' Tower. Second, you can use the Amulet of Glory to teleport to Draynor and walk south to the Wizards' Tower. Third, you can use the Fairy Rings, entering the code D-I-S which will take you right outside the Wizards' Tower. Fourth, if you have the Wicked Hood you can use the teleport option to take you right outside of the Runespan portal in the Wizards' Tower. When you arrive at the Wizards' Tower, head up the stairs to the second floor. Here you will find the portal to the Runespan, a bank deposit box, and Wizard Finix. Since there are no items required to use the Runespan, you can deposit anything extra you are carrying into the deposit box. If you have the Wicked Hood, keep it with you as you can use it teleport out from wherever you are in the Runespan. To get into the Runespan, use the portal and select the Runespan (this is the same portal that takes you to the Runecrafting Guild). Upon arriving, you will find yourself here: Wizard Finix After entering the Runespan, you will find that Wizard Finix has traveled here as well. Talking to him provides a few options, and the "What Can I Do Here?" option allows you to take a short tutorial on the Runespan. It is highly recommended that you go ahead and take this tutorial, as it does provide you with the basic knowledge to use the Runespan. You can also ask him for some runes, and he will give you 10 of each of the runes you are able to siphon for small fee out of your reward points. Using the Runespan This section will show you how to use the Runespan, siphoning runes to gain experience and reward points. First of all, you are probably going to notice a few icons in the top left-hand corner of your screen. The first icon will tell you how many reward points you have. The second will tell you how many reward points you will gain when leaving the Runespan. The third icon will indicate which floor you are on. Hovering over this icon will cause a tool-tip to appear telling you the floor. The fourth icon will only show up when a Runesphere is active. When in the Runespan, you can siphon creatures and energy nodes to gain Runecrafting experience. To be able to do so you will need some rune essence, meaning the first thing you will want to do is collect some from the Floating essence piles. You can only ever collect 25 essence this way, and if you are somewhere under 25 it will top you back up to 25. After you have your rune essence, you will want to siphon some runes out of one of the esslings wandering around. When you siphon a creature, you will turn your rune essence into runes of that creatures type. A creature only has enough runic energy to make 10 runes, then they will die and you will also gain some rune essence (around 50). You can also chip off a creature to gain some rune essence. Chipping away at a creature will use 10 of the required runes. Chipping is the quickest way to gain rune essence, followed by siphoning from lower level creatures. After you have siphoned or chipped away at some creatures to build up a pile of rune essence, you can use the accumulated essence to siphon off of some nodes. Siphoning off an energy node will turn your essence into runes of the nodes type, but it will not provide any rune essence after the node has been used up. Siphoning from energy nodes gives better experience than siphoning from creatures. Since the Runespan is made up of several islands, to travel between them you have to use bridging points. These are indicated by platforms around the edges of the islands, and they cost runes to use. Higher leveled Runecrafters will be able to go up to the higher floors. To do so, you will need to go up the ladder found on your current floor. As you are collecting runes, you will notice that the number next to the backpack shaped icon will be going up. This is because when you leave the Runespan, all the runes you have gathered in will be handed in to the Runecrafting guild and you will gain reward points equal to that number. The more runes you gather, the more points you will be able to gain. For example, 10 air runes is equal to one point or 0.1 points per rune. Higher level runes are worth more points per rune. To leave the Runespan, you will need to find Wizard Finix or one of the wandering wizards and ask them to teleport you out. Alternatively, you can use the Wicked Hood to teleport out. Yellow Wizard and Runesphere There are a couple of distractions and diversions which are unique to the Runespan. They are the Yellow Wizard and the Runesphere. Yellow Wizard There are a few wandering wizards who teleport about the Runespan. One of these is wearing yellow robes, and you will occasionally receive a chat-box warning that he is calling out for help. If you can find him, he will require 10 of a certain kind of rune which you can either ask him about or right-click and select the "Best Rune" option. In exchange he will teach you a bit of what he has learned about the Runespan, granting a large sum of experience. You can exchange runes besides what he is looking for, but you will gain a bit more experience by handing in the required runes. If you are having trouble finding the Yellow Wizard, you can ask any of the other wandering wizards or Wizard Finix for help in finding him (The wandering wizards have a right-click "Find Wizard" option). They will point you in the right direction in the form of an arrow below your character which lasts for a short time. Runesphere Every so often a Runesphere will spawn. You will receive a chat-box warning that a Runesphere has spawned, and the Runesphere icon will appear in the top-left corner. You can then go and hunt it down. A Runesphere can have multiple layers you have to siphon off, such as a chaos layer, or an earth layer. While siphoning a Runesphere you convert your rune essence into runes (which runes you get depend on the type of layer), and you get some rune dust. Once all the layers of the Runesphere have been siphoned off, there is a core of Pure Energy left behind. You can hand in any rune dust you have acquired to gain experience, 1 rune dust being worth 10 experience. Wizard Finix's Runecrafting Shop When you talk to Wizard Finix outside of the Runespan in the Wizards' Tower, you have the option to see his shop. This is where you can then spend the reward points you gain in the Runespan. He sells a few things related to Runecrafting and the Wicked Hood. Items Tab As you can see, you can purchase a full set of Wicked Robes. Each piece (besides the hood) requires a successively higher Runecrafting level to use, with the Cape at 30, the Robe bottom at 55 and the Robe top at 80. There are also Runic staves with the mid- and high-level staves being able to be aligned to cast a spell. He also carries a Massive Pouch which requires 90 Runecrafting and can carry 18 rune essence. Esteem Tab This tab is more to show off how much you have trained in the Runespan. Each level purchased will display that levels icon on the Wicked Robes. Re-colour Tab Allows you to change the colour of any pieces of the Wicked Robe set that you currently have equipped. Gonna post this for now. I have pictures of all the creatures/nodes/bridging points, along with most of the information regarding them. However, I don't really know how to post it all up in a table so if somebody could reply with some help, that would be cool. Also, the pictures I have aren't transparent pictures of just the creature/node. I'm not really that great at image editing. They can all be found on my photobucket account, which is MrJeef69. http://s1110.photobu...nespan%20Guide/ I also plan to get a map done up of each floor in the Runespan with information regarding the bridging points, and what creatures are found on which island. Please leave a comment with any criticisms you have!
  11. Rouge_menace

    What makes a settlement in RuneScape popular?

    Pubs and taverns! They exist in the game, but have no real use when going to them. Adding in a reason to actually go there would be pretty cool. For example, the barkeep would hear a lot of different rumours and the like. Perhaps for a fee they could provide tips on certain quests. Incorporating the task system more into doing tasks for people from the towns would provide something to do, and some form of rewards could be provided in this manner as well. Some of the rewards could be set up to give more incentive to using the area. Going off your example of Dorgesh-Kaan not having a bank, maybe by completing a task for a NPC, they would offer to run items to and from the bank for you. Have them situated in a location farther from the bank, and this could turn them into another bank (of sorts) in that region.
  12. Rouge_menace

    Improving Shops: not a suggestion, just some thoughts

    I like these ideas, it would make the game world more believable. Perhaps a few cool knick knacks that couldn't be traded could be sold in the marketplaces, with different areas having different items.

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