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  1. jinzo406

    Christmas Event - For All Players!

    awesome now you can freak noobs out in a few month or give a friend some snow and in a year some guy can give you some money to make you you shake the globe so he can have snow, oh wait we cant do that cause of new update. owell its still the coolest holiday event ever oh and for you wishing it was something you could wear. well look if it was wearable than it would not provide any protection so it would just end up in you bank but then again since its not wearable there is no for other people to know you were there so really theres no way to satisfy every thing
  2. jinzo406

    Trade And Drop Changes

    okay, now why do they make the trade so low i mean 3k thats nothing why not make it 50k don't say thats to much because i think that lowest amount you buy is 1 mill. there are 20 50Ks in 1 mill so 20x15=300 so it would take 5 hours to make a transfer of 1 mill to another player so that would be fair to other good players while at the same time stopping real world traders
  3. jinzo406

    Trade And Drop Changes

    really there missing out on 5000 dollars a month, but its odd sal doesn't have any coment
  4. jinzo406

    Trade And Drop Changes

    never mind i saw the post before me but again this update stinks and with all the mems quiting there gonna get rid of this soon
  5. jinzo406

    Trade And Drop Changes

    add something to your sig complaining about this maybe eventually they will end this since everybody hates it..... hopefully. but the only people jagex care about are the members and the wont quite so this is really all we can do
  6. jinzo406

    Trade And Drop Changes

    yeah and what if say your buying bbones but for some odd reason the person is selling them for 50 less than average if you buy 100 it would be 5k less the its regular cost so you can buy so this update blows
  7. jinzo406

    Trade And Drop Changes

    this will stop drop trading but it will also stop lots of good things like loaning money to a friend, and what about trimmed items there store value is alot lower than the street price so will the 3k rule effect this. and what if your in the wildy if you get kill someone you shouldn't have to wait to get their items
  8. jinzo406

    New Minigame: Macrokill!

    this would be great after all people know where to look for macros so they could easliy bann them
  9. jinzo406

    Change Firemaking And Theiving Emotes.

    why not the all three of the theiving emotes i mean combined. i mean compared to cooking it doesn't seem unreasonable
  10. jinzo406

    Stray Dogs

    okay every one lets think about this for a minute its not alot of money that they give youand if you think about it its not really that bad of a idea its just i very small suggestion. however putting this in Juliets house would effect her quest. but i support
  11. jinzo406

    Dropped Item Interface-take The Eye Sig!

    I don't see why not it will make it easier for some people and its wouldn't be as hard as some updates they have done so I support
  12. jinzo406

    Type Your Username With Your Eyes Closed

    im good at typing with my eyes closed see jinzo406
  13. jinzo406

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    noob1:hey i can trim your armor noob2: really noob1: yes i have a specail oil noob2: *takes of armor* oh my gosh cool noob1:you want your armor trimmed me: noob you cant trim armor noob1:yes you can i got a mem oil how else do people get zammy sarra or titanium me:they do tresuare trails and there not a titanium noob: no they have oil me:noob scammer noob:why am i a noob me: your under 40 and a scammer noob:whats scamming me: noob me: this is going on sals under: noobs say the darnest things noob:you mother ****** muauauaha *runs away* this is real and it happend a few mins ago

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