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  1. elliotMOOSE

    Elliots Back :d Ags Pure First Mini Vid

    just sitting there :( really hate pking on that thing Nice Vid! You can have moose on RS? :D haha thanks, just made another shorter one :D wont make one tomorrow probably since getting 70range
  2. elliotMOOSE

    Elliots Back :d Ags Pure First Mini Vid

    just sitting there :( really hate pking on that thing
  3. Hey, long time no see! this is my nooby pure :D anyone remmeber the days of my tank gallery haha? i know next time i NEED to play in fixed and stop being a lazy noob and get mith gloves (btw, its not meant to be too fancy :D) feedback would be nice! Please do not watch if you're allergic to agsprodding or have dubstepillitis WATCH IN EXPANDED OR FULLSCREEN OTHERWISE IT WILL BE A BIT UNCLEAR, TAKEN NOTE OF THIS FOR NEXT VID :( link : Feedback would be awesome <3 Thanks Elliot--iron boot
  4. elliotMOOSE

    Need Help On This Laptop.

    oh sorry, just checked that. i think i might get a desktop instead if i can find the right one. I dont really wanna make a new thread for it so u couldnt help with this could you? BEFORE U CLICK THE LINK; everything's practically the same apart from i would be buying the NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 1GB 16X PCI Express graphics card instead. http://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/system/A...U_configurator/ so, is this a decent gaming computer? as in it can handle new games on average settings? and easily handle rs on max? i mean i just wanna know how good it is since i don't understand all the specs properly :( thanks a lot! this is a great help since im in need of ordering one very very soon Elliot
  5. elliotMOOSE

    Need Help On This Laptop.

    ok ty :D so would u say the laptop im looking at could handle games like cs/tf2 easy on medium settings? and would rs run smooth on goodish settings?
  6. so is this actually ughaz? since u were saying "his" vid? :(
  7. so is this actually ughaz? since u were saying "his" vid? :(
  8. elliotMOOSE

    D Bow Void Rusher

    He's going to need 69 strength for the quest, and the hand cannon isn't really worth it in rushing. The main objective is to kill them very fast, not try to kill them very fast and if you fail have a legit fight. With 99 mage you keep 81 combat and you'll be able to do the Blitz and spec combo I mentioned earlier. I'll let you practice on me if you want. lol 69strenth isnt going to level him up anyway and you've never clearly used the cannon if you think it isnt worth it for rushing.
  9. elliotMOOSE

    Is This A Good Set-up?

    sorry to say it mate but you wont get any kills with those levels /= and espically since u wont be using dds
  10. hey, so ive got the worst laptop atm and it struggles to run runescape :( So for christmas ive got around £500 to spend. I dont want the best insane gaming laptop but i just want one that can play rs smoothly (not even bothered if its on safe mode) with highish fps and be able to have simple things like browsers running with rs (yeh, thats how bad my laptop is atm) so, this is the only one ive really found since i havent a clue when it comes to specs etc =/ http://www.pcspecial.../enigmaIII-540/ so if you could have a look at it and tell me if its decent and can do that ^ :D or if not just post what u thinks better. But please remember my £550 max budgit and has to be from uk Thanks a lot Elliot
  11. elliotMOOSE

    D Bow Void Rusher

    you defo want to go and get the handcannon! even if your still dbow rushing it will easily help ko after spec
  12. elliotMOOSE

    New Account For Moi

    seriously all this over 2m? bad money -,0 money is money and your thinking way to deep into it.
  13. elliotMOOSE


    ohh long time no see guys :( nice kills ice, still got my tanker ;-)
  14. elliotMOOSE

    Mog Time + Me =-o

    hey saw mog time at edge bank and well look what he said <3 <3<3<3<3 and yes i did ask him to say it, thats why he says ifrost because thats what my mains/old name was :( :D Elliot
  15. elliotMOOSE

    Cls Or Rapier?

    well i can only compare the 2 on which have pwned me faster in wild range tank pking :L a lot of zerekers have a rapier and well, they do hit a lot and fast. But ive only ever fought 1 cls :D and they were a turm pure. It was constantly hitting 400s every smack. It was like a faster maul >_< but seriously i just had to stop combo eating and die. it deserved it. But thats only me pking which is completly different i guess :P I think that cls looks beast anyway :(

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