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  1. The Beret Kit! While searching the depths of my computer files. I found this. The Beret Kit. Which was started a while ago with me and my brother. So, go ahead, sumbit something.
  2. Squirt

    Spamming, Sorry Pl0x.

    I thee stalker. =D
  3. Squirt

    Squirt's Avatar Shop

    Squirt's Avatar Shop Submissions are now open! Yesh. I have decide to start a Pixel Avatar Shop. By shop I mean FREE st00fs. Now, your wondering "How bad is this pixeler?" And I'm repling with, just see my examples: (My first pixel) So. Heres a form and start filling it out: [b]Size: Picture: Text:[/b]
  4. Squirt

    Shirts That Epically Fail

    Yesh. I am the best model EVER!But its so BIG on meeeee!
  5. Squirt

    The Punk & Emo Kit -- Please Close --

    That is AWESOME! I'll edit this post for a submit in a few minutes. or hours, or days! EDIT: http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/7333/punkemokit1dt8.png
  6. Squirt

    Head Chef's Pigs

    Note: I am a ten year old who has only played runescape for 6 months.
  7. Squirt

    Smiley Reaver

    Beutiful arn't I?EDIT: Opps, Wrong account. Stupid Squirt.
  8. Squirt

    I Found A T R E A S U R E In The D E S E R T.

    No. :s
  9. Squirt

    The Beret Kit

    Thats what I said. Nu you didn't.
  10. Squirt

    Head Chef's Pigs

    Yah, sure.
  11. Squirt

    Head Chef's Pigs

    Well, maybe you think wrong? Eh?
  12. Squirt

    Bad, Bad Squirt.

    Yes, I said occasionally didn't I? Well, I didn't post on either blogs sadly. Okay, so updates: Runescape Suggestion: Head Chef's Pigs Runescape Kit: The Beret Kit My Runescape skills are also updated now.
  13. Squirt

    Head Chef's Pigs

    Head Chef's Pigs Requirements: 30 Cooking, The ability to kill level 80's, and compleation of Gertrude's Cat. In this quest you battle for the right for pigs to be free. QUEST START: After walking to the Cooks Guild, you go inside. You talk to the Head Chef, he says there is a big feast coming. You walk out and a cut scene plays. During the cut scene, you over hear The Head Chef and Romily Weaklax talking about a big feast in honor of King Roald. They walk over to a fenced pig. "Ha ha ha" laughs The Head Chef. "You will make a mighty good feast." Disturbed by this you say to yourself "Gertrude will be mad to hear about this." -end cut scene- You walk to Gertrudes place and talk to her. She is also disturbed with this. She then says to go Draynors fenced in pig area and free the pigs. You try to do so, but the gate is locked. After attacking a nearby level 56 Farmer. He drops a key. You use the key on the gate, it opens, and the pigs run out. You go back to Gertrude she congratulates you, and say that you still need to free the last pig in the Cooks Guild. You go to the Cooks Guild and talk to Romily Weaklax. He says you know too much and starts to attack you. Romily Weaklax is level 68 and attacks with melee hitting up to 7. After killing him, The Head Chef comes and also trys to defeat you. He is level 84 attacks with mage and hits up to 9. If you defeat him. You see another cut scene. In this cut scene Gertrude is calling you from behind a tree. -end cut scene- You then free the pig outside. The pig stays so you pick him up and carry him over to Gertrude. You run over to her and she says, "I saw it all well done!" She looks at the pig. "Do you want to keep this little fella?" You politely reply yes and the pig appears in you inventory. Gertrude then vanishes and you go back to her house. QUEST COMPLETE! Rewards: Ability to have a pet pig, 5k attack xp, 3k Thieving xp. The pig treats your farming lot in compost that is slightly better than regular compost. (When following)
  14. Squirt


    9.5/10 For one, the feet are out of proportion to the head. Otherwise, I love the sword.

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